March 2012 Bike Touring Newsletter

Welcome to March’s bike touring newsletter.

We’re settling into life with a baby and are just about managing to keep a few articles appearing on the website, between rocking, feeding and cuddling. Blogging is tough when you have to type most of the time with one hand!

Recent Posts

Chain L
Gear We Love – Chain-L Oil

We first came across Chain-L oil via a review on Kents Bike Blog.

Intrigued, we got in touch with Francis, who makes the oil, and asked if we could buy a few bottles from him. He kindly obliged and sent over an order, plus some free samples.

Since then, we’ve been experimenting with this very thick lubricant. We’re not quite ready yet to deliver a full review (that will come later on the website) but we’re generally liking what we’ve seen so far.

True – it’s a sticky oil that’s a bit messy to apply but it certainly quiets a squeaky chain and it hangs around in the rain.

Good wet weather performance is especially valuable in our home country of the Netherlands, where a sunny summer is by no means guaranteed!

Wool SocksTip Of The Month – Armwarmers

We’ve recently been flipping through an advance copy of Cycling Sojourner: A Guide to the Best Multi-Day Bicycle Tours in Oregon.

In it, we found this nifty tip for making your own armwarmers.

If you have a few knee-length wool socks that you’re not using anymore, cut off the toes and a little of the heels. Instant arm warmers!

Now that’s a neat idea for some good-value clothing that will keep you toasty on chilly mornings.

Featured Bike Tourist – Jodie & Tom

This UK couple left London in May 2010 with the idea of cycling from Twickenham Stadium to Eden Park in New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup 2012 – exploring rugby in every country that they went through.

On a budget of just $10 dollars a day, they cycled through 29 countries, including much of Europe, Iran, Pakistan, China (where temperatures dropped to -25°C), Japan, Southeast Asia and finally Australia.

Now they’ve published a book about their journey. Get it from their website:



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