A List of Inspiring Family Bicycle Tourists

A few days ago on Twitter, someone asked us which sites to check out for information about bicycle touring with kids. We thought for a few minutes, and then we realised just how many great families are out there pedalling around.

What we really admire about these families is that they’re not waiting for ‘someday’ to travel with their kids. They’re getting out there and making it happen, despite the often cited idea that once you have kids you have to ‘settle down’ and ‘be sensible’ – in a very traditional sort of way.

So, if you’re looking for some bike touring inspiration for you and your children, look no further than these blogs.

Pedal Powered Family1. Pedal Powered Family

This family is made up of dad Reuben, mom Heidi, 4-year old Eden and 2-year old Harper. They’ve done a number of shorter tours, and are currently on a 20,000km bicycle tour around North America, Mexico and Central America. They call their trip an ‘exercise in adventurous living’ and ‘a way of increasing and strengthening the simplicity in our lives’.

What we learned from them: You can use cloth diapers, even on a bicycle tour! We checked with the Pedal Powered Family about 3 months into their tour, and they said the cloth diapers were working out great.

Linda, Phil & Luca2. Linda, Phil & Luca

In 2010, Linda and Phil took advantage of a 3-year career break from Phil’s work to embark on a world bike trip with their son Luca. They puttered around Europe for a while, and then flew to Southeast Asia, where Luca has been treated like royalty everywhere they’ve been.

What we learned from them: That it’s possible to bike tour while you’re pregnant and that the BoBike Junior seat is one of the few bicycle seats for kids that will fit with panniers.

Family On Bikes3. Family Adventure Project

Not one or two kids, but three kids! Kirstie and Stuart have been cycling with their growing family since the first one was just 3 months old. They have heaps of stories from their family bike trips and an equipment list for what they call ‘Cycle Toddling’ and this summer they’re cycling across Europe.

What we learned from them: That you can take even a young baby cycling (with a car seat in a trailer), but you might need to modify your routine a bit!

pedouins4. The Pedouins

Imagine one bicycle, with mom, dad and 3 daughters! That’s the Pedouin family, and they’ve pedalled all the way from their home in Kentucky to Alaska on their quint bike. It’s no light rig either, with 5 riders and all their gear!

What we learned from them: That life on the road has lots of lessons for kids; learning isn’t just for school.

Family On Bikes5. Family On Bikes

This family, including twin teenage boys, has just finished cycling from Alaska to the southern tip of South America. They’ve got a host of resources, including making the decision to go, homeschooling and what young kids get out of bicycle touring.

What we learned from them: That sometimes making the decision to go is scary but it’s also very rewarding.

And a few more to check out:

Do you know of another impressive family on tour? Leave a comment and share your favourite family bike touring blogs.


  1. mikel
    24th August 2011 at 7:36 am #

    congratulations for your web site, we learnd a lot with you.
    You can find us here http://www.bizibidaia.net cycling family from the Basque Country.

  2. Rebekka Brandli and Florian Fisch
    5th February 2012 at 12:05 am #


    From 2006 to 2009 we were cycling from Vancouver, Canada, to Ushuaia, Argentina. When we started our son was 2.5 years old, when we came back he was just turning six…

    In all those years of travelling we learned a lot about the beauty and the challenges that cycling with a family can bring. Right now we are settled back in Vancouver but are thinking on hitting the road in a couple of years once more. Now it would be the four of us as Chan, now eight years old, has a little brother Anuk, just 1.5 years old.

    We would love to share our travel blog (of our journey from Vancouver to Ushuaia, but likely being continued during the preparation and travel of the upcoming adventure) on your web site to give another glimpse of what touring with a family can be like.

    Please browse through our blog and enjoy!

    Rebekka, Florian, Chan and Anuk

  3. Philip Ravicher
    15th June 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    We are starting our first tour with an 8th month old baby girl from the UK to the south of France (Nice). Check out http://babyonatour.com for updates on preparations, travel diaries, experiences, etc.

  4. Sandrine & Philippe
    25th November 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    I’ve just discover your website, full of nice tips. Really great to see that so many family are travelling round the earth. Sure, life just goes on with kids and they are a wonderful part of the travel. Family travel, especially by bikes are wonderful, and a very rewarding challenge.
    We spend 400 days on the road, with our four kids, between 5 and 12, round the world from may 2011 and june 2012 A great experience ! Ypu can have a look here, but sorry, it is only in french !

    Sandrine, Philippe, Cédric, Margaux, Léna & Nicolas

  5. Helen McMullen
    8th March 2014 at 7:02 am #

    We, my partner, 6 yr old and I, cycled the Queen Charlotte track in NZ over 3 days on MTB’s with a tagalong attached – hairy tracks with tight corners and single track – the most wonderful scenery and people – we have coined a new term – BOS (bum off seat) for the rocky parts. Some said no, other said yes – we went with the ‘yes’ opinion.

  6. Magnus Larsson
    11th April 2014 at 3:19 pm #

    We cycled 4 months in Southeast Asia 2012-2013 with a 7-month old boy and a 3-year old girl. We had a great time! Check out http://www.pellefant69.se and do not hesitate to contact us if need of advice

    Magnus, Lucy, Nina, and Pim

  7. anna, bob, and cristine
    23rd April 2014 at 12:56 am #

    Hello! We spent 11 months touring around the world with our 12 year old daughter Anna (she was 10 and turned 11 during the trip). We detailed our trip on a blog and are now in the process of writing a book. Please check out our website http://www.3bybike.com. We experienced the ‘best of the best’ and the ‘worst of the worst’ oftentimes in a single day. We learned that if the answer is “no,” then ask another question. We learned that “can’t” is unexceptable. And we learned that as long as we’re always a family, anything is possible. It was a great trip!

  8. Lydia
    29th August 2014 at 2:07 am #

    Mike and Grace Young are on the road with 2 little’uns and a BabyBump! http://brotherchicory.blogspot.com/

  9. Stan
    6th August 2015 at 1:10 pm #

    We met a family last week in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Cycling from Vancouver to Cuba. Mom, Dad and two kids around 8 to 10. Cool tandem bikes with the kids up front. Wish we had gotten their names. They said they were taking a year for the trip. Does anyone know who they are or if they have a blog?

  10. JaneS
    14th September 2015 at 12:38 pm #

    So many adventurous families, it’s amazing 🙂 I am planning to take my family for 2 weeks, so I can’t wait!
    Thanks again for the article:)

  11. dave monk
    18th February 2016 at 9:03 pm #

    Hi There.

    We’re the Monk family from New Zealand, currently cycling from Morocco to Scotland.

    happy pedaling everyone !

  12. Robert Parker
    27th June 2017 at 4:18 am #

    Hi there,
    We’re Robert, Theresa, and Zoe (now 6) from New York City.
    Two summers ago, when Zoe was four, we spent a hundred days riding 2500 miles from NYC to Fargo, North Dakota. Since then lots of smaller trips every year. Always excited to connect with other touring families.
    Find us here : https://facebook.com/thisfamilyrolls/

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