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Topics Covered So Far:

Do wider tires let me carry more load?

How much difference does a wider tire make to the load you can carry on your touring bike? And will a wider tire make for a softer ride? Framebuilder Marten Gerritsen, who runs his own bike building workshop M-gineering in Holland, answers this question for us. Read More »

How can I check chain wear and chain strength?

Neil, from the bike workshop Common Wheel in Glasgow, Scotland, answers a question about chain wear. The Question: “Are certain bike chains are stronger than others and therefore better for fully-loaded touring? I have had chains stretch quite a bit and then wear out the teeth on the rings prematurely. So I was wondering if […] Read More »

What should I do if my frame breaks during a trip?

Discovering a crack in your bike frame in the middle of a tour is cause to worry. What can you do, to stop the crack widening? And will you have to abandon your trip? Framebuilder Marten Gerritsen of M-gineering dishes out some advice for this worst-case scenario. The Question: “I’ve never had a frame break […] Read More »

How can I check and reduce rim wear?

To save difficulties during a tour, make sure your rims are in good shape before you set out. In this week’s Ask-A-Mechanic, Luke Gibson of British framebuilders Ellis Briggs dishes out information on how to tell if your rims might need replacing and how to make them last longer. Read More »

How can I protect my bike frame from chips and scrapes?

Chris, from Cycleworld UK, answers a question about keeping your frame in mint condition while you’re on tour. And he’s got a far better idea than the nail polish we used to touch up our bikes. Never again will you have to worry about chips and scratches on the frame, after a nasty tumble. The […] Read More »