Roads in Tasmania

Tasmania’s roads are generally in good shape for cycling, with a paved surface on all main routes.

Despite this, the best bicycle to bring to the state is a mountain bike or a tourer because many of the nicest rides involve dirt roads, at least in part. These dirt roads vary in quality and some may have a corrugated surface so be ready for a bumpy ride.

Tyres fit between the planks quite wellIt’s also important to note that you can’t always count on a paved shoulder. Be prepared to ride defensively and take the lane to stop cars from trying to overtake you when there’s oncoming traffic or a blind crest ahead.

Logging trucks are another hazard. Keep an eye on them in your mirror and be prepared to pull over and let them pass, if necessary. They don’t slow down for other traffic. Barreling through is more their style.

On bridges, watch for wooden planks running in the direction of travel. Gaps between these boards can trap narrow tyres.