Free Camping Tasmania Map

We created this map to show free or very low cost camping areas in Tasmania.

Click on the map to get a full-sized view for printing. On this page, below the map, you’ll find a legend that gives more details on the various sites. See also, general advice on camping for free in Tasmania.

A few notes:

Tasmania Free Camping Map

Base image by TASMAP
© State of Tasmania.

  • Most of the sites marked on the map will have at least pit toilets and rainwater. A few may have amenities like barbecues and showers.
  • A very few will have nothing other than a cleared area for camping. In these cases, please remember to bury your human waste at least 15cm deep and well away from any water source.
  • For sites in National Parks, you will need to buy a pass to enter the park.
  • We personally visited many of these camping sites during our bicycle trip in January 2009. Others have been suggested by fellow cyclists, guidebooks and tourist bureaus. We have done our best to assure accuracy but please be aware that some of this list is based on second-hand information and things do change!
  • If you have places or further details to add, please send us the details so we can share them with other travellers.
  • Please respect ‘no camping’ signs where they are posted and leave these sites better than you found them. Why not pick up a bit of stray litter as you take your own away?

    A – Gowrie Park (O’Neills Forest Park, nice setting) OR Mt. Roland Backpackers (A$8/pp inc. hot shower, laundry, internet, camper’s kitchen)
    B – Westbury (Andy’s Bakery, A$2.50/pp, free wifi/internet, toilets, laundry – recommended!)
    C – Exeter Overnight Rest Area (toilets, playground)
    D – Lilydale Falls Reserve (2km north of Lilydale)
    E – Mt. William National Park
    F – Mt. William National Park
    G – Mt. William National Park
    H – Bay of Fires
    I – The Gardens
    J – Humbug Point
    K – Binalong Bay
    L – Scamander Forest Reserve (picnic area, BBQs)
    M – Chain of Lagoons
    N – Douglas Apsley National Park
    O – River & Rocks Road, Coles Bay
    P – Kalangadoo (on Lake Leake)
    Q – Mayfield Bay (BBQs, swimming, toilets)
    R – Maria Island (ferry ride A$50/pp, A$10/bicycle, from Triabunna)
    S – Campbell Town Lions Club (BBQs, flush toilets, water, on the river – recommended!)
    T – The Neck (pit toilets, rainwater but tank may be empty)
    U – Jetty Beach
    V – Prices Lookout
    W – Cloudy Bay
    X – Esperance Forest Reserve
    Y – Tahune Forest Reserve
    Z – Scotts Peak Dam

    a – Alma Reserve (just above Paloona)
    b – Near boat launch, on C135
    c – Sheffield rest area or on Tasman trail (showers at tourist bureau)
    d – Pioneer Park, near Riana
    e – Paper Beach
    f – Little Pine Lagoon (on B11, 9km from A5 junction)
    g – Flintstone
    h – Lagoon of Island (off C527)
    i – Interlaken
    j – Dunrobbin Bridge (on C608, 2km from A10 and across bridge – toilets, picnic area, free camping up to 7 days)
    k – Teds Beach
    l – Green Point (near Marrawah)
    m – Cowrie Point
    n – Bushy Park (A$4/pp, campers kitchen, showers, laundry, free garden herbs – recommended!)
    o – Meander Picnic Area (toilets, BBQs, water)
    p – Wielangta State Forest (at picnic spot, BBQs, rainwater, pit toilets)
    q – Liffey Falls
    r – Hamilton free camping area (just outside town centre, towards Ouse on the A10)
    s – Gordon free camping area (either on the oval or by the jetty)
    t – Ben Lomond National Park
    u – Penstock Lagoon (no toilets)
    v – Great Lake Hotel (free tenting, power and water, showers A$3)
    w- South Cape Bay (take road C636 to Cockle Creek, look for car park shortly after crossing Cockle Creek bridge, toilets, unpowered camping)
    x – Lime Bay (small fee, self-registration)
    y – Tasman Trail Campsite (on C177, 100m from C173 junction, rainwater, pit toilets, picnic table)
    z – Hellyer Gorge State Recreation Area
    # – About 2km south of Tullah there is a bridge over Lake Rosebery. Just before the bridge is a sharp turn / embankment. As you see that turn, you’ll also see a dirt road going the other way to the right. This leads to a free campsite on the lakes edge. Free camping is also possible just on the other side of the bridge, also on the right side, following a dirt road for a similar 50 metres or so.

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    54 Responses to “Free Camping Tasmania Map”

    1. jasmine says:


      i ging over to tassie in a campervan soon and
      was wondering if its ok to park and sleep at the free sites you have listed or are they just for actual camping??

      thanks jasmine

      • friedel says:

        Jasmine, most if not all of them should be campervan accessible. Cheers, Friedel

        • jasmine says:

          wow thank you for the quick response!!

          ok awesome that clears that up for me thankyou! :)

        • sharon says:

          l don’t have a comment but needed to know if l was aloud to have my small little dog chi chi on the free camping grounds at the Dunrobin picnic and camping ground and he would be on a leash at all times except when he is sleeping in our camping trailer with us as we would like to camp there for a week while on our holiday touring around the state . l was hoping that you may know

    2. lili says:

      do you need camping permits for these camping groung?

      if so which ones?


    3. Nils says:

      Wow, awesome list!
      This is exactly what we needed for our trip next week.

    4. Woosik says:

      Is the sign for free camping site clear?
      I’m afraid of not being able to find the camping areas when I get there..

    5. Alice says:

      Hi there,
      This is a great site thanks so much for the information. Do you know which sites are pet friendly? I know the ones in national parks would not be, but the other free camping grounds you mentioned are they dog friendly?


    6. Karen says:

      This is from discovertasmania.com
      “Dogs are not permitted in national parks; nor is the lighting of open fires. However, on land managed by Forestry Tasmania and Hydro Tasmania dogs are permitted, and you should check at the site for local fire lighting conditions. Sometimes a total fire ban may be in force so check with the local rangers.”

    7. Mim says:

      This is a very useful site. lots of info and good map. Great for campervan travel.

    8. Susan says:

      There is a very nice free camping ground at the St Marys Recreation Grounds, it is sign posted. Showers were free, may be coin operated by now. 200 metres from town centre.

    9. Josh says:

      Just toured Tasmania and most of he sites were close to full with Winnebagos and caravans…..don’t expect access to free camping from October through to April.

    10. Cazzbags says:

      Couple of extra details for those reading this site until it gets updated..

      A: Gowrie Park wilderness village (Claude Rd) has U/P sites for $20 and powered for $25. Showers $1 for about 5 mins additional. Never found the free sites mentioned.

      H: Bay of Fires. There’s a few sites dotted along. One of the best ones is Cosy corner north. This has drop-toilets but no other facilities. Great setting and good sites that provide nice wind-breaks.

      n: Bushy Park. Prices have increased to $6 per person to park in Mike’s backyard. So at $12 for two people, it’s a bit pricey for what it is. Showers are $1. But the term shower is a loose one. A bucket of water with a pump to a shower head is provided but warm water isn’t always available. No power provided.

      P – Lake Leake. This isn’t free, but it is cheap. Camping is $5 for an U/P site and then $2 for each additional person. Showers are 20 cents for 3 minutes of hot water, leeches come for free. Sheltered area and plenty of picnic tables.

    11. Samuel says:

      I see that a lot of people are travelling in campervans, but what about tents ? I’m planning on biking across the island and I was wondering if the campgrounds suggested would fit me.


      • friedel says:

        Hi Samuel, we originally posted this page after doing a bike tour in Tasmania. Since then, many people in campervans have used it but yes, all the sites suit tents (or they did at the time we were there).

    12. Brian says:

      Best site I have got so much info. Keep up the good work Cheers

    13. Annette Mastop says:

      Hi my husband and I are touring Tasmania with our 21ft caravan for 4 weeks in early Febuary.We intend to see as much as we can and to use as many of the free camping sites as possible,are there any roads unsuitable for caravans that would best be avoided if so where.Thanks.Annette and Bert Mastop.

    14. Jess Maskin says:

      We are planning to go camping around a couple of national parks in Tas over Christmas such as Mount William, Lake St Claire. Does anyone know of any campsites that dont get too many people over the holidays? I went to Mount William national park a couple years ago in off peak season and it was divine , but part of that was because there was no one there.
      Any suggestions welcome.

      • Alex.L says:

        hey mate, r u driving when u get there. cuz im going there without hiring a car, so i hope someone can give me some tips

    15. peter Hall says:

      we are going back to tassie for the second time but are alarmed to read some rebelling to free camping there. we have a motorhome and 3yrs ago we had a free camp book and now have a camp 6 book showing 270 free camps marked on the maps.
      So my inquiry is can we still go by the camp 6 book or is there some restrictions.

      The cost of travelling is about 800 to 1000 dollars per week without staying in caravan sites so the free camping is a saviour, and we loved tassie so we are staying for 6 weeks this time round.

    16. stefano says:

      How cool would this be if it was a google map instead. everyone could add to it and i could look it up on my phone !

      • friedel says:

        Hi Stefano – agree, it would be cool! Actually, someone provided us with a KML file a while back. I keep meaning to upload it but haven’t had the time. Will try to do it soon.

    17. andrew says:

      thinking of taking my wife on a drive and camping tour how busy are the camping spots after Christmas and early in the new year

      last year we drove along great ocaen road and many of the camping sites looked as busy as refugee camps, is it like this in Tasmania

      • Dianne says:

        We live in Tassie and travel a lot in our motorhome and very rarely have a problem in finding a good free camping spot. The most we have paid is $10 per night at Franklin and Port Huon.

    18. Alex.L says:

      thx a lot, im planning to be there for a week but i dont have a car, hence,im going to hire a bike and bring my tent to there. do u have any good idea that where should i go or about any good routes. plz let me know, i’ll stay there for 4-6 days.

    19. Task says:

      I`m going to travel Tassie by bicycle.
      Start 28 DEC from LAUNCESTON,pass CRADLE MOUNTAIN ,to HOBART for two weeks.

      So,I want to recieve infomation about free camping site
      west and south part of cradle mauntain.

    20. dani says:

      Hey this is a great site!
      I was just wondering about camping in Wielangta State Forest. Are you able to camp there and does it cost money? or is it more for just day trips?

      • brean says:

        there are no official campsites at Wielangta but no one has stopped certain people from camping at the picnic area, if you are real nice people nearly at the bream crk end will help you out. I must say it is a piece of gods country

    21. shananne says:

      awesome site
      question: is river and rocks road coles bay a dog friendly camping area
      thank you

    22. Nina says:

      God hjemmeside.
      Har du et godt forslag til en tur Tasmanien rundt i autocamper. Vi er et par på 59 år, der gerne vil se natur og historie, men ikke klatrer og går ikke langt. Vi vil overnatte hvor vi kan få strøm og bad hver anden dag. Turen skal vare 6 dage, vi vil besøge markedet i Hobart.
      På forhånd tak.

    23. NA says:

      n: Bushy Park is now $7 and showers are $1.50

    24. NA says:

      S – Gordon camping area is $5 a night, to be paid by envelope in drop box, I believe there is a 4 night stay max

    25. Tammi says:

      Hey guys! Great site!!

      Any tips for extra amazing camping sites in national parks/beautiful vistas that I can take my boyfriend too when we come down this year for a couple weeks driving around Tassie?

      Cheers in advance!

    26. Lyn says:

      We need to put a family in a tent all there cooking etc is stored in my car till we find somewhere. they are sleeping out on the rain last night . The bus picks the girl up in Wynyard for school. They have no other transport.except public transport. So we need a free site or low cost .

    27. keva says:

      where are dog friendly camping areas east coast and north east tasmania

    28. Pamela says:

      I stayed at Andy’s Bakery late 2013 and now the fee is $6 (just me & 2 dogs). Andy’s only uses one little shop in the complex now, the other two were vacant when I was there. Unfortunately the area is not looked after now. The ‘laundry’ washing machine has broken down, one toilet in ladies was overflowing & filthy. The water tap where you could fill up near the dump point has been removed, the nice caretaker told me the freeze in winter kept breaking the pipes and was kind enough to pull a hose over from the shower. The ‘shower’ is in a port-a-loo & costs $6 – no change room. Very sad to see what was a top site fall to pieces like this.

    29. ruth anderson says:

      could you please send the free camping map of Tasmania to my sister in laws e mail as we are coming down to Tasmania in October for campervaning holiday thanks

    30. as i have requested to you could you send a free tasmania map to my e mail we are coming down to tasmania in october for a campervan holiday or call me 0404636291. it would be very handy.

      • friedel says:

        Dear Ruth, we are not a tourist bureau. We are simply a couple of people who enjoy cycling and gathered this information during our trip to Tasmania. Everything we have to offer is already published on our website. Enjoy your trip!

    31. peter says:

      Hi we are about to spend some time in tassie camping is there much trouble leaving our camperfor awhile

      • Tony says:

        We’ve been cruising around tassie for two weeks now and had no trouble at all.We went from devonport to launceston to Hobart and then all the way up the west coast and haven’t seen trouble. everyone so friendly and helpful.We done the east coast in January and everything was the same as in friendly ness.hope this helps

    32. ayesha says:

      Hi we are in taz at the moment we have a tent but it’s been very windy and rainy do you know of anywhere we can pull car over for night to rest on our travels or know how we could obtain this info! Thanks heaps!

    33. ayesha says:

      Hi we are in taz at the moment we have a tent but it’s been very windy and rainy do you know of anywhere we can pull car over for night to rest on our travels or know how we could obtain this info! Thanks heaps!

    34. Robie King says:

      Hey just a couple that wants to travel a bit backpacking and camping somewhere would you recommend to start and finish, also some real good dive spots and fishing spots along the way would be great. Thanks:))

    35. Victoria says:

      This site is amazing, thanks so much for doing it, it has helped me plan my trip so much. Does anyone know if Lilydale Falls is still campervan friendly? Cannot find up to date info as read it has changed, no access to shwrs etc now. Do you consider this a safe place for a mother and daughter by themselves for a night? Thanks in advance

    36. denis king says:

      I recently read in a Caravanning magazine that free RV sites especially in Tasmania and WA are being removed or closed by local councils because they have been informed that they are in fact illegal, for two reasons one that they restrict trade and they apparently in the opinion of ( a government department which I think was the DPI(not a 100%sure of the department)are illegal if run by councils, is there any truth in the article.

      • Scott Mac says:

        Like the site. Heading down to Tassie in April for 4 weeks and looking to do the tourist thing for a few days but really want to get away from it all for the majority of the trip. We will be going over on the ferry from Melbourne with our 4×4 and off road camper trailer. I have been doing a bit of research but having never been there before I’d value your opinion as to what was the best area that you stayed at.
        Cheers Scott

    37. glenn says:

      thankyou to both of you. your map has been shared for our audience on my Facebook community page Free Camping Australia. I,m sure thousands of travelers will appreciate your efforts…cheer’s and regards Glenn.

    38. Alex says:

      Hi guys !
      Well firstly thank you very much for your map and all those infos. We had a wonderful 10 days trip around Tassie few days ago and you helped us a lot :)
      Now I find it a bit fair to update, share and add few recommendations about what we found out during our trip.
      1st night (not in your map) : on friendly beaches close to Freycinet nat park, free camp with bush toilet and that’s it. Very close to the beach and beautiful landscapes.
      2nd and 4th nights (D) : Lylidale falls free campging with toilet, electric bbq and undrikable water (nice place !). Very easy to find it is just before Lilydale town.
      3rd night (q) : Liffey Falls free camping and beautifuuuul falls there. They said toilet but we didn’t found them and very easy to make a fire bbq, heaps of place and quiet as we love.
      5th night (J) : Bay of fires camping. We found heaps of room around there and this place is just great. You can easily find THE spot with no neighbour :P. Bush toilets.
      6th night (Q) : Mayfield Bay free camping, it was FULL like we were so lucky to find a room to put our tent close to a friendly family. Toilets and that’s it. You sleep in front of a beautiful beach, worth to sleep there.
      7th night (j,r&n): we first visited Bushy Park and met this very nice fellow who welcomes people in his property (he told us the story when you came and were sick :)). We spoke quiet a bit with him but decided to find our luck somewhere else because prices increase, it is now 7$/person + 2$ for a rustic shower with a 15 litters jerrican. We then went to (r) in Hamilton wich is very nice for 5$/car you can put your tent or two or three and get a FREE hot shower, electric bbq, drinkable water and power point !!
      Some friend slept in the free campground in Dunrobin bridge (j) wich is free and just an almost flat ground with toilet. They will propbably close it because of bad behaviours from users…
      8th night (not on your map) : Beautiful nat park camping in Mount Field for 16$ unpowered and 20$ powered site. We loved it !! Free bbq everywhere around, shelters, hot shower and a good vide with some wallabies everywhere around.
      9th and 10th nights (s): Gordon camping area wich is now 5$. Still cheap but good to know. You will find toilet and a beautiful view of south Bruny Island, lovely.

      Thank you very much for your work again and I hope this will help the next adventurers in Tasmania. Do it it is such an amaizing area !!


    39. Hailey says:

      Thank so much for all the very useful information. Are these sites likely to be well populated in May? I’m wondering if they’re safe for a woman travelling alone in a van..? Thanks again :)

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