Touring With Suspension Forks?

It’s not common to tour with suspension forks.

Suspension Forks
Suspension forks on a touring bicycle: possible but not the most common option. Photo by Tom Allen.

The average bike tourist probably doesn’t go off-road enough to offset the risk of mechanical problems with the suspension forks en route – potentially a costly or difficult repair job.

If you’re planning a trip that will take you predominantly off-road, however, you may appreciate the extra padding between you and the bumpy surface underneath your wheels. Equally, if you already have a bike with suspension forks, you may prefer to adapt it for touring rather than buying another bike.

If you do choose to use suspension forks, make sure the suspension is in good shape before you set out and keep your load as light as possible in the front. Normal racks don’t work with suspension so look at special models from Tubus and Old Man Mountain. Both companies make high quality luggage racks that will do the job.

Trailers are another option for carrying luggage on a bike with suspension forks.

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