Chapter 13: Loading Up The Bicycle

Now that you have camping gear, clothes and a whole pile of other stuff to take on tour, how will you carry it all on your bicycle? The options are numerous.

Loading up your touring bike
Will you use two panniers or four? Or maybe a trailer?

You could go for the classic combination of panniers and luggage racks, or you might opt to tow a trailer behind your bicycle. Some people have both luggage racks and a trailer. Other folks travel ultralight and get away with barely more than a handlebar bag.

There’s no one correct answer. The only way to know for sure is to try some different combinations yourself and see if you’re happy with that solution. That said, here are some starting points to get you thinking about what might be best for your trip.

1. Panniers
2. Luggage Racks
3. Trailers
4. Still Confused? Trailers vs. Panniers