Dawes Vantage

Dawes Vantage

Price: About $600
Specs: Aluminium frame, steel fork, lower-end Shimano components, front and rear mudguards, resin pedals.
Who has used it: It’s relatively new and untested. If you find a review, please tell us!
Everything you need to get started at a cheap price. A great beginner’s touring bike and you won’t be crying too much if it’s stolen.
Downsides: Nothing is particularly high quality. You won’t be able to carry much luggage on this without some serious upgrades.
For more information: Dawes Website

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3 Responses to “Dawes Vantage”

  1. Hi all,

    I’m riding with the Dawes Vantage, and it was doing great until my bikeshop replaced my rear wheel with a cheapo (six spokes broken, but my fault for not doing the research!). Anyways, I’m now in Finland and need to upgrade my wheels for crossing Central Asia. What is a recommended 700cc touring wheel that can manage a two year tour with a fully laden bike? Thanks


  2. William McFadden says:




    I have one myself since January this year. I have the 2012 model which runs Vittoria Randonneur 32’s rather than the Marathons of 2011’s model.
    I wasn’t keen on the twitchy handling so upgraded a few parts to try and counteract this with some success. I see no reason why this bike can’t carry heavy loads or do serious touring. The components are at the lower end but work perfectly well.
    I think you should personally test the bike before knocking it for having cheaper components :)
    The same bike has been used for a few LEJOG/JOGLE tours without problems.

  3. Thanks for your reply William. I’ve done over 15,000km on the bike now, and it was the replaced wheel that I referred to as “a cheapo”. The Dawes wheel components are great for European roads, but I still think at minimum the tyres would need to be upgraded for the unpredictable and demanding roads between Turkey and Australia. Thanks for the links too :)

    Kind regards,


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