Ann Wilson

scenery1Ann Wilson’s adventures with bike touring started simply enough, with a ride from Carlisle to Ipswich. In 2004, a friend gave her a book called ‘A Bike Ride’ by Anne Mustoe and just a year later she was making plans to quit her job and ride around the world herself. “Life was suddenly too short to delay this project any longer than necessary,” she writes in her journal Through Europe and Beyond.


  1. Michael Dempsey
    27th April 2011 at 10:30 pm #

    Ann..I am reading your adventures on crazyguyonabike ..all the traveling on 2 lane roads & alone at that,,,BRAVO!

    You make me almost ashamed I dont have the guts to do the same as you are doing.
    Mike Dempsey
    Orlando Florida
    61yo, a cyclist all my life..rethinking my next “tour”

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