Anne Mustoe

anne mustoe

In this picture, Anne Mustoe is seen leaving St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1987 on her first bicycle tour. She was 54 years old and had just retired from a career as a headmistress.

Over the next few decades, Anne became one of the world’s most famous bike tourists. Her initial round-the-world trip was followed by many more journeys, often tracing a historical theme or route. As well as becoming known for her adventures, Anne was famous for knowing very little about bicycle repair. If she had a flat tire, she always found someone to fix it for her. She was more interested in the people and the journey than the mechanics of the bicycle. She also didn’t carry a tent, preferring instead to stay in hotels.

She set off on her last ride in May 2009, making it all the way to Syria by bicycle before falling ill and dying in hospital.