Cara & Curtis

Cara & Curtis

In 2010, Curtis and Cara sat down to figure out long term travel options.

“Curtis mentioned cycling and I was beside myself until I did some research and fell in love with the idea,” says Cara.

“We have been cycling from Istanbul now for just over two weeks and we love it. We would never look back. Seeing a country from the saddle of our bicycles shows us the culture from all view points. We would never have met the people we have and seen the generousity of strangers.”

Their blog, We Went With Plan B, shares snapshots and highlights of Cara & Curtis on their bikes.

“We will continue from Turkey to Greece, then through Italy via Sicily, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania – Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria. Portugal and Spain. We’ll housesit in Italy for winter before finishing off our ride in March 2012 by riding from Italy to the UK.”

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