Chris & Janyis

“You don’t choose your passions – they choose you. And it’s passion that keeps us going through the rain and the headwinds, the cold and the aching limbs. The twilights with no camping in sight, the mountain pass that just won’t arrive, the never ending straight roads and the mad chaos of the capital cities. But when the cold turns to sun, the headwind dies, the campsite arrives and the breathless climb up the mountain leaves you speechless, it all makes sense and there’s no place on Earth you’d rather be.”

A wonderful thought from Chris and Janyis, who’ve been touring together for 3 years, including a 3-1/2 month tour in Europe.

“The tandem puts you to the test – physically and emotionally. You can’t get away from each other, so you have to work together, welded together by this strange frame, cycling in unison whether you want to or not. A beautiful tour and a beautiful bike, this was a special trip that closed a personal chapter but opened our minds to new possibilities and potential….”

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