Dave & Will

Dave and his son, Will

In 2003, Dave and his 9-year-old son Will took the trip of a lifetime across America by bicycle. The 5,000km journey took them 2-1/2 months to complete. It wasn’t the first bike touring adventure for the family.

“I had taken a 550 mile ride with an older son at age 10, and a 1,000 mile ride with a daughter when she was 10. By the time Will was 9, we were ready for the big time,” says Dave.

Many years later, Dave & Will still enjoy the memories of their big bike tour.

“We were briefly delayed in a hospital as Will was diagnosed with appendicitis, but loved every other aspect. Close encounters with javelinas, alligators, hawks, owls (all alive) as well an impressive assortment of roadkill (fox, otter, bull, armadillo, etc) kept Will wondering what we might see next. Docketing issues have kept us from any other trips longer than a week but we continue to dream. We hope to do some touring in Alaska in summer, 2011.”

Although it wasn’t easy to keep a website updated in 2003, Dave & Will managed to document much of their trip on their Cushwa Family website.

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