Ellen & Elmar

Ellen & Elmar

Ellen van der Zwan and Elmar van Drunen cycle together as much as they can and chronicle their trips on their Fietsjunks website (in Dutch). Ellen is the photographer – see her lovely images taken while cycling – so this photo only shows Elmar.

As a pair, they’ve visited countries such as Chile, India, Iceland, Alaska, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and China.

“Elmar van Drunen also loves mountainbiking and road racing when he’s in Holland and he publishes technical articles all related to cycling. I am a freelance photographer and work for Dutch magazines such as Bike&trekking, Op Pad and Outdoor Magazine,” says Ellen.

“We are planning a 2-year trip starting in 2013. We would like to cycle from Alaska to Argentina. This year we’ve planned trips through Czech Republic and Canada.”

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