Frank & Jon

Jon & Frank

Jon & Frank run the excellent Cycletourer website, which has all kinds of practical info for bike touring.

“We started cycle touring was way back in 1997, when Frank’s back condition (the result of an illness she had when she was16) prevented us from continuing to climb mountains. After several self-rescues, where my friends and I had to carry Frank off several mountains, we realized we had to find something that she could cope with that would still mean we could travel, be in the outdoors and enjoy wild places together,” says Jon.

“Although Frank still does sometimes have problems getting in and out of the tent the cycling doesn’t seem to hurt her back and if anything she seems better for it! You can also see that our love of the outdoors is the reason why we have been touring in mainly Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland as we obviously still hanker for the the remote areas and mountains.”

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