Jason Mcanuff

This is Jason. He’s a Brit who, at the time of writing (December 2010), is on his way from California to Argentina on a virtual bicycle train. That’s his bike (named Montreal), plus a Bob Trailer, rear panniers, rear crate, front basket and a handlebar bag.

“I’ve been on the road 7 months now,” he tells us. “Actually I ride pretty fast, but spend A LOT of time off the bike, volunteering on farms, and community projects and whatever else sounds good. My passions off the bike are climbing and learning as much as I can about sustainable living, permaculture, farming and people.”

He has no deadline and will keep riding until the money runs out. Check out Jason’s website, www.bikingit.com

Jason leaves us with this thought: “When I’m on my bike, wherever I may be, I can’t help feeling like I have the world under my pedals, and not on my shoulders.”

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