Lee Yue Zhong

He doesn’t maintain a blog (at least not as far as we know). He speaks little English. And, most amazingly of all, he rides a very simple bike with very little luggage. But none of this has stopped Lee, who we met in Turkmenistan in 2008, from cycling continually since 1997, through well over 100 countries. The last we heard, he’d been kicked out of Somalia for trying to bike that country without a visa. Where does he get the money? He told us that his finances for touring came from the proceeds of a Chinese restaurant he sold in Bulgaria before he left.

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28 Responses to “Lee Yue Zhong”

  1. John Cunningham says:

    Met Lee a couple of weeks ago near Gort, Co. Galway, Ireland. I was just two hours from home, heading towards France for a two week cycling trip. Told me Ireland was 130th country on his itinerary. He’d arrived on the ferry from Holyhead. Thought he might go back to China in 5 or six years – after he’s toured Australia. Said he’s not writing about his adventures

  2. friedel says:

    John, thanks so much for this update! It’s great to hear that Lee is still doing well and pedalling strong.

  3. Lyn says:

    What a great story.

    I wonder how he keeps in touch with family – old fashioned letters?

    Also as he is Chinese, visas must be a nightmare – he’d need them for just about everywhere, I’d think.

    • Chi says:

      yes. Travel with a Chinese passport need a visa almost for every countries.
      So is difficult for a Chinese Citizen travelling,Even on a bike.

  4. Friedel says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing with us. That guy just keeps going and going…

  5. Dear friends,

    I met Lee in 2009 (around July or August, I don’t exactly recall when) in a central Kenyan town Nanyuki and had the rare privilege of hosting overnight him in my house. I don’t think I shall meet a more inspiring human.

    And he does keep a blog most of which is in Mandarin and contains many of the photos in his old photo album. Unfortunately, I lost the blog’s address with my previous phone. I only have his email address which I think would be inappropriate to give.


    • Charles Pugh says:

      Hello Thomas Isaiah —

      I have a Chinese friend who would be very interested in reading lee yue zhong’s blog. Do you have any idea how to find it?

      Although it would be inappropriate to post his email address publicly, would you consider sending it to me directly?

      Thanks very much, Charles Pugh

  6. Chi says:

    I haven’t heard anyone else traveled on a bicycle more than this Chinese gentleman.
    Since 1997,over 130 countries.
    Still cycling in Cuba!
    He will be a legend.

  7. Darren says:


    A more complete story of the man I found while browsing his life.

    I wish someone could translate his blog, I bet it’s a gem.

  8. [email protected] says:

    la verdad es que este hombre parece fantastico y hoy lo vi en Yucumo – Bolivia, y poco se lo puede entender conversando

  9. N/A says:

    Met him in August of 2012 in Brasilia – he’s doing well and heading up to the Guianas for the next chapter!

  10. ken & ebru says:

    Had the honour of meeting this fine man yesterday at the Brazil/Venezuela border. Absolute inspiration! We were so sad we were heading in opposite directions when we parted. Apparently his destinations are in central America, who won’t let him in without a US visa (go figure that out) and the US embassy has been giving him lame excuses for about 3 months. Hopefully at his upcoming visit to Brazilia they’ll get their act together and give it to him! They’re just ridiculous…

    Ken & Ebru

  11. I met Lee in 2009 in Belarus. Here is some information about his staying in my country http://365dnej-w-godu.livejournal.com/109590.html

  12. CzasDrogi says:

    I met Lee yesterday, he was on his way to Batumi and then to Turkey, to get his Iranian visa. We were travelling for one day together, then we split after Zarzma in Georgia ( I was slightly in hurry). He is still travelling and in great shape for so many years of cycling – I obviously got a photo with him;)

  13. morteza says:

    I meet lee today in tehran/Iran. He has been arrived from Armenia to Iran, 20 days before. His plan was going toward Isfahan, Shiraz and then UAE and Qatar. he was cooking his lunch when I saw him. He had unbelievable patience and concentration on cooking. we talked a little about his travelling as he showed me the pictures, taken from different visited places and peoples.

  14. Nilesh Rawal says:

    I met Lee yesterday near Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building) in Dubai. I saw him riding on service road and decided to meet him. I spent one hour talking to him and seeing his expressions while he was telling us his story. I help him to take some good snaps in front of Burj Khalifa. He is going to Abu Dhabi and from there to Qatar via passing through Saudi Arabia boarder.
    Wishing him all the best and safe journey. He is truly an inspiration for people in this world.

  15. Kid Rosales says:

    Lee is here in Abu Dhabi, met him while riding home. what a great guy!
    he is still waiting for his visa to go to Qatar, his next destination.

  16. Jon says:

    We were cycling around the city when We met him nov. 5, 2014 (just tonight) here in abu dhabi, UAE. My friend saw him and his bicycle and was curious because he was crrying things in his bicycle. He said that UAE is his 141 country that he’s been. He told us that he came from tehran and took a boat to sharjah and went to dubai then here in abu dhabi he also showed us some of his pictures in dubai and also his old passports. We were so amazed by his achivement his next destination will be quatar. We wish him a safe journey.

  17. Thomas Isaiah says:

    Fantastic news. It had been quite a while since we heard about him.

  18. John Cunningham says:

    Last posted here four years ago. Just noticed this piece of film of Lee from Iraq a few months ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEI5xYa4ZoY

  19. Saifullah Shah says:

    I met lee in Islamabad, Pakistan on 25th March 2015. He said I’ll go to India from there via Lahore which will take about 5 days or so. He said he has visited 145 countries and still wants to explore more. I was really impressed with his passion of doing something unique. He said he want to visit all the countries of the world through bike but there are few countries where he cant go through bike.

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