Martin Hartley

Martin Hartley

“I’m a College Student in my mid-20s, living in Sydney, Australia. I refurbished this 1982 Raleigh Royal Touring Bicycle in the second semester of 2010. Just about all the parts date from the 1980s, so it is practically a period might-have-been for a customised touring bicycle from the late 1980s.”

“I took it on a ride from Mittagong to Goulburn via Wombeyan Caves but only got half-way through the 4-day trip when grit off the unsealed road worked its way into the freewheel mechanism and seized it up. I had to hitch a couple of lifts the last 70km to Goulburn after a visit to a repair in Taralga confirmed that the freewheel was dead.”


  1. David in Florida
    2nd April 2013 at 4:41 pm #

    Martin the Raleigh Twenty web site is going to close down. Please contact me ASAP.

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