Nicolai Bangsgaard

Nicolai Bangsgaard

Nicolai Bangsgaard took this picture in Mali, on his way home to Denmark, via West Africa. He was on the final leg of a journey around the world by bicycle.

“To me, cycling around the world on a multi-year journey was about getting familiar with the unknown, about finding the exotic in the realm of familiarity, about learning to find comfort in spheres way beyond your comfort zones. About living cheap and feeling rich, about roughing it and enjoying moments of luxury (hot shower, tailwind, soft bed, female smiles, the foolish wonders of beer)…”

See Nicolai’s account of his trip on his World Travellers website.


  1. nitin
    5th September 2012 at 5:08 pm #

    it was great & thrilling watching your pics…i wish i could do the same….i would like to know if u got the respected visa for each country before or how did u do that??waiting for your reply………thank you.

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