Nigel Francis

Nigel Francis

Nigel is from Britain and is exploring his home country through bike touring. You can read all about it on his website: Really Useful Bicycle Journeys.

“We are fortunate enough to inhabit a beautiful isle (the 5th largest in the world). Generally we do not see or get out and take in this stunning piece of real estate, so how better than by my own steam on a bicycle,” he says.

His bike is a British-built Orange P7 mountain bike that dates from 1998.

“The bike received a face lift pre my travels down to South Africa and Namibia in 2003 to follow another dream and train as a commercial pilot. The bike enjoyed a good thrashing through South African woods and over rugged Namibian bedrock as further adventures pursued. Back in the UK now, the adventurer still lives on, so a second reincarnation is due for my trusty steed.”

The ‘reincarnation’ was inspired by Nigel’s commutes through Cornwall’s back lanes and he’s rebuilt his old mountain bike to take on some bike tours.


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