Patrick & Rachel Hugens

Patrick & Rachel Hugens

Patrick & Rachel met in Nelson, New Zealand in 1993. Patrick, a Dutchman was cycling around the world. Rachel from USA was independently cycling NZ & Australia.

In 1994, they met up in Capetown South Africa & cycled to Nairobi, then onto Gibraltar cycling back to Holland. They settled in Boise, Idaho in 1995 and since then have quit their jobs twice to cycle tour. First in 1999 for 8 months in South America and then 2006-2007 cycling through Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Yunnan (China), Eastern Tibet and Lhasa to Katmandu, returning home from the Arctic Circle.

In the words of Jimmy Buffet, cycle touring allows you to ‘go fast enough to get there and slow enough to see’. There is nothing that compares to seeing a country by bike where you become part of the scenery rather than having it framed from a vehicle.

See their beautiful bike touring photos.


  1. Rachel Hugens
    6th September 2015 at 12:16 pm #

    Update from Rachel and Patrick
    We quit our jobs again and March 24, 2015 flew to Patrick’s village in Holland and April 1st started cycling to Tblisi Georgia through eastern Europe. July flew to Nairobi and now cycling to Capetown, 21 years after cycling Capetown to Nairobi. Then onward to India.

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