Raditya Jati

Raditya Jati

“At first, I realize that I loved cycling since I was in junior high school. The passion started again in mid 2008. In my experience of cycling, I think I like touring better than any other kind of cycling, such as downhill or cross-country.”

“I guess that there are some kinds of touring. The most I like and usually do is a daytrip. I call it ‘A day on a bicycle’. I like to travel by bike because I can feel what God has created, the environment we live in, the air, the nature around us, and not forget the view along the road.”

“Besides that, I think that travelling by bicycle is cheaper than by motorcycle, in a same distance. Cycling is also mean care for the nature: no pollution by cycling. Go Green, my friends!!”

To know more about Raditya’s day trips, see his blog: http://denmasbrindhil.wordpress.com

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