Rev. Hans Myors

Hans Myors

Hans sent us this message about his lengthy bike touring experience, with a special mission behind all the travelling:

“I’ve been bicycle touring off and on since 1986 in Canada and the United States. The total as of Aug 28, 2010 is 222,504 miles (356,007 KM). Since Feb of 1993, I’ve been spending up to eight months on the road with my ministry Pedal Prayers.”

Hans has crossed the United States coast-to-coast 19 times, and gone through 9 bicycles since 1986 (2 road bicycles, 4 hybrids, and 3 recumbents).

“My current two-wheeled steed is a short-wheelbase recumbent named “Alice” with 34,358 miles (54,972 KM) of cycle-touring on her.”


  1. Rev Hans Myors
    23rd May 2014 at 2:24 pm #

    Can’t believe that this was posted almost 4 years ago. The recumbent is the same but the miles have gone up. As of May 19, 2014, I’ve got 65,364.40 miles (104,583.04 km) on my trusty partner “Alice” and I’m up to 253,510.40 miles (405,616.64 km) since 1986 (233,710.40 miles (373,936.64 km) since Feb 1993 (when this current two-wheeled adventure started).

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