Robert Halkett

Robert Halkett

“I want to see as much of the world as I can in the slowest way possible.”

This is the motivation behind Rob’s bike ride around the world.

“On a bicycle you can travel slowly enough to appreciate all that’s around you, yet it’s quick enough to get you from one place to the next. I’ve never been happy with the conventional way of seeing a country, rushing from one city to the next in a coach or train, sleeping with your head banging against the window while music plays in your ears until you reach the destination. I want to see all that stuff in the middle that your average traveller on a 10-day holiday misses.”

“On a bike you become a part of the environment, life is literally in your face every day as it can never be when you are travelling on a bus or train. It might not be for everyone but for me there is no better way to see the world and you burn fat not fuel.”

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