Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

“I have just graduated university and before getting stuck in the 9-5 rat race I decided I should take some time out and do some more travelling,” says Tom (read his travel blog).

Tom has already proven his credentials as an adventurous person. During a trip in New Zealand, he bought a used mountain bike on a whim and cycled 2,500km around NZ with it.

This spurred another trip; a 10,000km journey through 26 European countries. Now that he’s discovered cycling, Tom’s decided his next adventure will be entirely on two wheels.

“To me cycling is the perfect way to travel, slow enough to see things others wouldn’t without taking too long to get between destinations. It’s cheap and good for you, I can’t see any reason why someone wouldn’t want to travel by bike (…well ok I can, but there are ways round most of the obvious issues).”

“Thanks to my bicycle I get to meet lots of locals on the way (and experience true hospitality) whilst also really getting off the beaten track,” says Tom. In future, he’s going to try and do more off-road touring, to help stay away from the worst of the traffic and really get out into the landscape.

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