Zulkarnain Aziz

“I am from Malaysia, and love to cycle tour. The photo here is from my trip to Koh Samui, Thailand. Actually, this was my first trial in cycle touring and i love it. Since my state (Perlis) borders with Thailand, it’s easy for me to ride in Thailand instead of touring in Malaysia. It’s a peaceful ride in Thailand and I don’t usually take the normal road but try to use small roads through the villages. For this year (2011), I plan to ride all over Malaysia in December. Happy cranking to all.”

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3 Responses to “Zulkarnain Aziz”

  1. zanKX says:

    now time to by garmin….!!! easy to take short path…

  2. Peter Sercombe says:

    Dear Zul,

    Nice to see you like cycle touring! When living in Brunei, i did a lot of riding along the Borneo coastal highway. I cannot interest my [Malaysian] wife, but live in hope. I think cycle touring in Malaysia is great and hope to do more at some point – perhaps when we move back from Europe.

    Best wishes,
    Peter Sercombe

    • John Ogawa says:

      I read your response dated 2012, i assume you are no longer living in Brunei. I planned to cross the Kingdom of Brunei. Problem is, i do not know the way.

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