Bike Shops and Equipment in Morocco

A cyclist inside Essaouira's medinaYou’ll need to be reasonably self-sufficient to cycle in Morocco.

Moroccans are not terribly enthusiastic about cycling on the whole and as a result high quality bicycle parts are hard, if not impossible, to come by. You’re unlikely to find much beyond Chinese imports and basic repair services.

Forget about flying into the country and buying a bike on the spot. You’re better off to get one across the water in Spain and then take a ferry to Morocco.

If you have any high-tech parts on your bike like disc brakes give your bike an extra check-up before you leave and come prepared with the relevant spare parts.

It is possible to find camping gas cartridges in Morocco but other types of camping equipment are as hard to find as a decent bicycle shop.


  1. Timothy Madden
    16th October 2011 at 10:23 am #

    Just to update your comment on bike shops in Morocco – we agree there is not much choice in performance oriented bikes in Morocco and have decided to change that. In June of this year we opened Argan Extreme Sports in Marrakech – we are now Giant Bicycles exclusive distributor in Morocco and have imported more than 200 bikes – more than 20 different models from MTB, Road, to steet bikes. At our shop in Marrakech we also have a full line of accessories, spare parts, our mechanics have a full variaty of Park Tools to do the needed repairs. Please visit us if you are in Morocco!

    • Manuel Gomez
      5th March 2012 at 3:46 pm #

      Hello mate look i’m working in morocco since 2008 and i love to do mtb,i have a kona stinky mayb u heard about it,and i need to know if u do maintenance to bikes lika that,bcoz i need to fix the spoke of both wheel and make it liner and able not to touch the brakes while i’m biking,my cousin change it for me but i see the wheels r not balance properly yet so pls let me know if u do that,and send me the adress of ur shop in marrakesh so i can pass by and look ur staff to,i will appreciate if u contact me soon thxx.

  2. Timothy Madden
    6th March 2012 at 4:50 am #

    Hello Manuel,

    No problem – we have a great repair shop, Park Tools from USA and a great mechanic – just roll out to Sidi Yuseff Ben Ali – back side of the football stadium (Sports Complex) and right next to the police station. You can call Saif – (212) 61 8959887 and tell him I set you his way. If you want to upgrade to a tasty new Giant mtb their are some good choices there. Have fun.


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