Planet Superflash Bike Light

reisuperflashWe try to avoid cycling in the dark but sometimes it can’t be helped.

Unexpectedly long days, bad weather and tunnels all create situations where you’ll need a light on your bike.

Which one to get? Our first lights were from the well-known manufacturer Cateye and we were initially pleased with them, but then we spotted another cyclist using the Planet Superflash bike light ($25 from REI or $22.90 from CycloCamping).

We were stunned at the brightness of the Superflash light. You can see it up to a mile away and when it’s in ‘flash mode’ the pattern is really eye-catching. Drivers can’t miss it. Even in full daylight it’s noticeable. This video from another keen user shows just how the Planet Superflash light compares to a standard LED bike light.

What we like almost as much as the light itself is the attachment system. It comes with a seatpost clip (as all lights do) but the clip is also versatile enough that you can hook it over other things like cords, straps and loops on your bags. This means that on a loaded touring bike, where rear luggage often obscures the seatpost, you can attach the light to your back bag or even the collar of your jacket, for full visibility.

The price is reasonable and the battery life is good as well: 100 hours of light from the 2 supplied AA batteries. You won’t need to replace the batteries often, and when you do they are commonly available, everywhere in the world.

Put this light into our ‘favourite equipment’ list. We can’t find anything bad to say about it.

This review is based on Planet Superflash Bike Lights that we bought with our own money. We were not paid or bribed to give this review and it reflects our honest opinion of the products concerned.