Cycling Singapore

Singapore is a tiny island nation, wedged between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Its size means you’re unlikely to spend more than a few days here but Singapore’s status as a travel hub in Asia means you’re almost certain to pass through at some point. Singapore is also a great place to pick up bike gear before you head into the surrounding countries.

We recommend the city centre branch of the Trek bicycle shop (91 Tanglin Place, at the end of Orchard Road). It’s central, well stocked and staff are very friendly. This is the place to pick up a cardboard box if you need one for a flight out of Singapore. You can call in the morning to reserve one for pick-up in the afternoon.

Biking in Singapore is straightforward. The roads are in immaculate condition, signs are plentiful and drivers are quite respectful of cyclists. In a city known for its rules, you might be surprised to find that cyclists are even allowed on the sidewalks and gently sloped ramps make getting from one sidewalk to another smooth as silk.

Just avoid the expressways. There are enough smaller roads that you shouldn’t need to use them anyway.

Maps of bike shops, bike paths and other Singaporean joys can be found on SG Cycling.


  1. Wanderlust Kenneth
    19th March 2010 at 12:53 am #

    Since last year, the police have been enforcing a law that disallows cycling on pavements and a fine will be issued should be caught.

    However, there are certain areas in the country where there is a “path-sharing” programme with widened sidewalks for pedestrains and cyclists to co-exist. However, be prepared to go slow on these shared paths. Very slow.

    • friedel
      19th March 2010 at 7:06 am #

      I’m sorry to hear that. It was so nice to be able to cycle on the pavements when we were there! Well, not all the time. We did use the roads too. But occasionally it came in really handy.

  2. Zeng Xuyun
    20th April 2011 at 6:08 pm #

    This is the first time I’ve heard people say Singaporean drivers are good… it seems that every cyclist here has a problem with them, and vice versa.

    Anyway, riding on expressways or pavements are illegal, though the latter is not often enforced, and I have never tried the former.

  3. Singapore
    21st July 2013 at 4:48 pm #

    Cycling around Singapore can be fun. Some roads are not suitable because they can be very narrow, and the cars will then stare at you as they swerve out and overtake! Okay, not all the time. Many roads are fine, and Singaporean drivers have gotten more used to it. But recently the park connectors have been improved and it is possible to go around to the major green spots in Singapore via the park connectors and some roads.

    Please never ride on the expressways. Riding on pavements is fine if you’re going fairly slowly. Otherwise, please stick to the road. Avoid major beaches (ie. East Coast beach) on the weekends because they get really crowded and then you have to go round all the slower people.

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