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By the Mersey RiverG’day Mate! In January 2009 we arrived with our bicycles in Perth, on Australia’s western coast.

After being out of the developed world for so long, it came as a bit of a shock at first but we soon adjusted to the wealth of choices on offer in the shops and the novelty of NOT being an exceptional sight for the locals – the first time in months we could visit a market without creating a scene.

We loved the Australian landscape, their easy going nature and their sense of humour. Our only problem was time. We’d need a year or more to do the country justice.

Does my bike look big in this?

Posted on:
2 Dec 2008

Well, that’s it. Another marathon session of bike packing for a flight is finally over. It was a marathon. First it was into the city centre. We hunted down a box from a very friendly shop, then back on the bus. Just one problem. Where is the bus? We did the rounds of 4 bus

G’day Mate!

Posted on:
4 Dec 2008

When we got off the plane in Australia, it felt like we’d landed in another universe. “Are you looking for anything special? Can I help you at all?” chirped a lady at the duty-free shop. We were hunting for an Irish whiskey, a favourite of our Warm Showers host in Perth. “Yes, we’re, ummmm……” We

It’s a kangaroo world

Posted on:
10 Dec 2008

354km Perth to Busselton Here a kangaroo, there a kangaroo. Everywhere in our path, there are kangaroos! We can’t get over how many of these bouncing creatures are roaming the fields and forests of Australia. Just five days into our ‘down under’ adventure, the Kangaroo Count is well into the dozens and we still aren’t

Into the wind

Posted on:
15 Dec 2008

340km Busselton to Manjimup We get a late start out of Busselton – the biggest tourist town in this part of Australia. People just can’t resist those white, sandy beaches and the area apparently triples in size over Christmas. Our late start isn’t down to sightseeing. The trendy cafes are out of our budget and

Culture Shock

Posted on:
20 Dec 2008

377km Manjimup to Waikiki Time passes so quickly. When we were sitting on the beaches of Yallingup, just staring at the waves crashing on the rocks, we felt we could have stayed forever. A few short days later and we’re nearly back in Perth – back in civilization with its grand homes and green lawns,

It’s the small things in life

Posted on:
30 Dec 2008

Train: Perth to Melbourne “Would you like this?” We looked up from our train seats to find Angus smiling at us. A young fellow with blond hair to match the golden fields outside the windows and a face full of freckles, he was holding out a picture of a boat he’d drawn. “Well, thanks Angus,”

You call this summer?

Posted on:
3 Jan 2009

262km Devonport to Gowrie Park We rolled off the ferry in Devonport, a small coastal town (well, we call it a town – the tourist literature describes it as a city) on Tasmania’s northern shore. After 10 hours on the boat – a crossing often noted as one of the roughest in the world –

Meet a legend

Posted on:
10 Jan 2009

609km – Gowrie Park to Hobart It’s a brave man who’ll show up for a bike ride with two people he’s never met before, willing to take on whatever comes his way. Meet Frank – just such a guy. You’d think the cold breezes of Tasmania alone would have been enough for anyone from balmy

Bliss in every moment

Posted on:
19 Jan 2009

271km Hobart to Westbury “There is pure bliss in each moment: find it…” Those words came our way some weeks back as we read John’s journals about cycling from England to Australia. We thought it wise advice for dealing with those inevitable frustrations that affect all of us occasionally. Cycling into a headwind. Feeling tired.

Goodbye Tassie, hello Sydney

Posted on:
27 Jan 2009

171km Westbury to Launceston and Devonport Three years on the road. That’s what our trip is quickly shaping up to. We reckon we’ll hit the 3-year mark just as we approach Montreal in September and complete one zig-zaggy loop of the globe. It’s a dream for so many people, this kind of extended travel, and

The Tourist Dash

Posted on:
2 Feb 2009

No sooner has our plane touched down in Sydney than it feels like it's taking off again. Our six days on Australia's east coast go by in a flash as we do the tourist dash between the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, from the historic Rocks district to flashy Darling Harbour and countless neighbourhoods all around the city.

Show 23: Epic trips and cargo ships

Posted on:
9 Feb 2009

A successful cargo ship voyage (no rough seas and a wonderful crew) brought us to Napier, New Zealand this morning. There’s so much to tell but as we get our thoughts together, here’s our latest podcast. It includes a few reflections on Australia, an interview with Chris Roach as he sets off on a huge

About that cargo ship….

Posted on:
18 Feb 2009

Way back when we landed in Napier, we promised you more details about 5 days on board a freighter between Australia and New Zealand. After several unsuccessful attempts at summarizing our journals (even the short version started running to three pages), we decided to stick to the facts. Name of Ship: CMA-CGM Utrillo Length: 196

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