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Late evening picnicWe crossed through Austria twice in the summer of 2007, west along the Danube River and also from north to south.

Along the numerous cycle paths, we stopped often for picnics, drank a glass of Austrian wine and then slipped behind tall rows of corn to pitch our tent for the night. Away from the Danube Cycleway, we found Austria uncrowded and surprisingly tranquil, especially when we started climbing into the mountains.

95km Petronell-Carnuntum to Korneuberg

Posted on:
20 Jul 2007

Now they tell us! We discovered the reason why we’ve been having such trouble cycling lately and feeling so low. We have been cycling in a record-breaking heatwave. It sounds silly not to have known this, but for the days we spent in Hungary and Slovakia, until we crossed into Austria, we didn’t understand anything

73km Korneuberg to Rossatz

Posted on:
21 Jul 2007

The heavy metal concert from last night died down before long and we fell asleep soon after the screaming sounds stopped drifting across the river. We were glad when the band stopped since their music wasn’t exactly as soothing as the famous Danube Waltz. With another good night’s sleep we dragged ourselves out of bed

88km Rossatz to Dornach

Posted on:
22 Jul 2007

One of the changes we’ve noticed in our bodies over the past year of cycling is that our sweet cravings have gone through the roof. Chocolate, dried fruit, cookies, ice cream. Before our trip we rarely indulged in these things but now we’re certainly working off the calories and we usually have at least one

84km Dornach to Ottensheim

Posted on:
23 Jul 2007

The heatwave from last week seems to have eased and we woke this morning to cloudy skies – a very welcome relief! The weather now is actually perfect for cycling. The severe wind which wore us out yesterday has disappeared and there’s no sign of rain either. Lucky us since we read news of severe

96km Ottensheim to Passau

Posted on:
24 Jul 2007

We knew we were in trouble when we saw a tank charging towards us. This was no military vehicle but something much scarier: an angry woman, steaming in our direction, loud German words flying out of her mouth. Andrew, who was cooking dinner just outside the tent, was first in the firing line. Unfortunately for

34km Wallgau to Seefeld

Posted on:
8 Aug 2007

The pitter patter of rain falling on our tent woke us up this morning, just as it carried us off to sleep the night before. Usually the weather clears before long though, so we packed up all our bags, had our breakfast and started getting the bikes ready. Just as we were about to start

72km Seefeld to Landeck

Posted on:
9 Aug 2007

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Rain was the steady beat throughout our day, from the time we first woke at dawn when water poured down on our tent along with a fierce wind. The storm had passed when we crawled out of our tent and we had a few hours of respite before the clouds and

73km Landeck to San Valentino

Posted on:
10 Aug 2007

One day, three countries. We woke up in Austria, had lunch in Switzerland and went to sleep in Italy. Our mini one-day tour of Europe was thanks to the Via Claudia bike path, which uses one of the easiest paths over the Alps for cyclists. None of the border guards were interested in our passports.

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