Britain Journal Entries

First Time Loading the BikesWe dreamed up our world trip while we were living in Britain.

These journal entries are very short (at that time, we didn’t think anyone was interested in what we were doing!) but they do show a few of the day trips we did as we slowly worked our way towards the idea of a big trip by bicycle.

The entries include thoughts from a day trip between London and Brighton (it took us all day and we arrived at the pier at sunset) and our shake-down cruise through Kent, when a 70km ride exhausted us.

Cycling Milestone!

Posted on:
6 Mar 2006

Sorry we haven’t updated this page more — we’ve been too busy cycling! Finally took our camera along this past Sunday and snapped a few pictures of the Bedfordshire countryside. Very much rolling hills and even a few windmills. We cycled 85km or just over 50 miles in all. Not even sore the next day,

On the road again…

Posted on:
20 Mar 2006

We are really loving our cycling. So much so that on Sunday we decided to tackle one of the classic British trips — London to the seaside town of Brighton. We weren’t sure if we’d make it, to be honest, but somehow our legs held out for all 130km of cycling. Yes, that’s right, 130km

You’re going round the world on what…?

Posted on:
5 Jul 2006

We got our new bicycles! Very excited, it’s just like Christmas. They were custom built for us by the very capable Robin Mather and we have no doubt they’re up for the job. Now there’s just the little matter of clean out our flat and we’re off in less than 2 months!

Shake-Down Weekend

Posted on:
9 Aug 2006

A couple weekends ago we did our first trial run fully loaded. We took the train to Ashford and cycled from there to the curling club, near Tonbridge, via the National Cycle Network Route 18. It was quite the challenge for us: a hot day, more hills than we’d expected and the weight of all

We’re leaving, on a jet plane

Posted on:
3 Sep 2006

Well, that’s it. After months of planning, weeks of packing, tomorrow we’re off to Gatwick to catch a flight to Canada, where the first leg of our bicycle trip starts. We’ve had a hectic week or so, saying goodbye to many friends, our jobs, clearing out our flat and packing but it’s all done now.

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