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Smiling SunflowerWe entered Hungary in the midst of a heat wave.

Temperatures rose above 40°C but because we didn’t understand the language, we were completely oblivious to just how hot it was. We also weren’t very clever cyclists yet, and insisted on cycling through the day, instead of in the cooler morning and evening hours.

The result was a close call with heatstroke,  after several days of continuous searing sun.

110km Veržej to Felsőpáhok

Posted on:
9 Jul 2007

Our journals are going to take a lot longer to write now that we’ve arrived in Hungary. Have you seen the name of the town we’re in tonight? That’s a relatively simple name by Hungarian standards. And grocery shopping is turning out to be a new challenge as well, with none of the food names

A birthday hurrah!

Posted on:
10 Jul 2007

Well, it’s my birthday today so of course we had to celebrate!! The weather didn’t really cooperate — keeping us stalled in the campground for most of the morning with pouring rain — but after lunch we went into Heviz and partied with the hordes of German tourists. If there’s one thing German tourists guarantee

65km Felsőpáhok to Balatonszepezd

Posted on:
11 Jul 2007

Long live Hungary! Thanks to the wonders of technology, this journal is being put on our website as we sit in our tent on the shores of Lake Balaton. We are really loving Hungary so far. Our lakeside pitch cost us half of what it would have in Italy, if we could have found space

105km Balatonszepezd to Kisfalud

Posted on:
12 Jul 2007

A curve ball came our way today. We’d spent the day pushing ahead in strong winds to Székesfehérvár, one of the bigger cities in Hungary. Our plans had been to camp in the city before pushing on to Budapest tomorrow but as we rolled into the campground in the early evening we were told it

70km Kisfalud to Budapest

Posted on:
13 Jul 2007

We had a peaceful night’s sleep in the middle of nowhere – just sunflower and wheat fields around us – so we were ready for the run into Hungary’s capital city of Budapest. The ride started out quietly but the traffic soon built until we were cycling on a busy main road with trucks and

56km Budapest to Tahitótfalu

Posted on:
16 Jul 2007

It was time to leave Budapest today, but not before we tried to sort out a problem that’s been literally keeping us awake at night. One of our Thermarest sleeping mats started to delaminate a few days ago. This means it develops a big bubble in the middle of the mat and is a bit

96km Tahitótfalu to Komárom

Posted on:
17 Jul 2007

The perils of other campers are keeping us amused as we eat supper and write our journal this evening. The couple next door are trying to put up their tent. It’s from the sports chain Decathlon and they boast that you should be able to throw the tent on the ground and it will expand

86km Komárom to Vojka

Posted on:
18 Jul 2007

Another day, another eight hours of scorching sun. Our recipe for getting through the heat includes an early start, a long lunchtime nap, stops at every cemetery to refill our bottles with cold water and wet our t-shirts and the occasional beer. With this combination we manage to stay on our bikes for quite a

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