Kyrgyzstan Journal Entries

Mathieu and Sandrine cycling awayFrom the far east of Kazakhstan, we cycled into Kyrgyzstan: a cyclist’s paradise with alpine meadows, lonely roads leading up to high mountain passes and no shortage of lakes to swim in.

We loved it, especially the beautiful scenery around Lake Song Kol and Lake Issyk Kol.

We only wished we could have spent longer exploring, instead of running off to Bishkek to sort out bureaucratic paperwork, once again.

The bumpy road to Karakol

Posted on:
24 May 2008

672km Taldykorgan-Karakol Where to start on a journey that’s taken us across some of Kazakhstan’s more remote and beautiful places over the past eight days and through the back door into Kyrgyzstan, where we sit now on the edge of one of the world’s largest alpine lakes. How about with the sound of two hundred

An unexpected left turn

Posted on:
10 Jun 2008

796km Karakol-Bishkek We’d travelled all the way from Karakol, some 300km, with the plan to turn right at the end of the lake Issyk-Kul. We were going to Bishkek. That’s what we’d been planning to do for over a week. It’s what we told Tamara, who runs a peaceful guesthouse in Tamga where we spent

Leaving on a jet plane

Posted on:
20 Jun 2008

We’re packing our bags, we’re not quite ready to go but hopefully we’ll get it all together before we have to board a flight on Sunday. Destination, Bangkok. It was never our plan to fly out of Central Asia but visa muddles have left us with little choice and after fighting bureaucracy for far too

A new start in Bangkok

Posted on:
23 Jun 2008

It’s a whole new world. Just a few hours in a plane have zipped us away from remote Central Asia to lively Bangkok, where we’re feasting on spicy Thai curries, power that stays on, water that’s always running and truly high speed internet for the first time in months. At first we felt strange boarding

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