Laos Journal Entries

Andrew on the dodgy boat that took us to Don DetWe entered Laos from Cambodia, threw our bikes in a small boat and headed straight for the Don Det islands in the Mekong for a few days of relaxing.

Once we’d recovered from the challenging roads in Cambodia we carried on north, cycling to waterfalls, coffee plantations and over the high mountains between Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

While we had some difficulties adjusting to the culture in Laos the first few days, by the end of our trip we wished we had more time to explore the country. Someday we’d love to go back and do an extensive trip through the little visited northern parts of Laos.

Crossing into Laos

Posted on:
14 Aug 2008

228km Kratie to Don Det You’d think we’d be well trained by now after nearly two years on the road. We’ve been across our fair share of deserts and up high mountain peaks but the wilds of northern Cambodia still managed to give us a run for our money. Hot. Desolate. Almost no shade. One

Happy under the clouds

Posted on:
19 Aug 2008

140km Don Det to Champasak We’ve never smiled quite so much at grey skies as we have lately here in oppressively hot and humid Southeast Asia. Under normal conditions we’re quickly covered in sweat and by the end of the day a rash spreads across our legs and backs from all the salt that sits

A humdinger of a stinger

Posted on:
23 Aug 2008

144km Champasak to Tadlo We are happily plodding our way through a 50 kilometer climb to the coffee plantations of the Bolaven Plateau when a scream from Andrew signals that all is not well. More of a shriek actually, followed by wild swerving and bike acrobatics while a whole village looks on with a mixture

Oh Falang, Falang, Falang

Posted on:
26 Aug 2008

295km Tadlo to Savannakhet “Oh, Falang! Falang! FALAAAAAANG!” The young girl shouting at us at the top of her voice couldn’t have been much more than five years old but her voice was loud enough to awaken a whole village to our presence. Soon it wasn’t just one child shouting at us but dozens. A

Karaoke and grilled squirrel

Posted on:
27 Aug 2008

12km Bus station to Downtown Vientiane We hummed and hawed over whether or not to take the bus to Vientiane. As soon as we made our decision we changed it and then, a few minutes later, reversed it again. The bicycle has always been our preferred way to get around but, with time ticking down

It’s flat. Honest…

Posted on:
30 Aug 2008

195km Vientiane to Vang Vieng After our marathon bus ride to Vientiane and a day of sightseeing, we decide to leave the capital city on Friday for our ride north to Luang Prabang. There’s no natural light in our hotel room but we still manage to wake up around 5am and after cooking breakfast outside

Rewards of the Road

Posted on:
2 Sep 2008

240km Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang If we were asking ourselves just a few short days ago why we were doing this journey by bicycle, the world delivered its answer on the road to Luang Prabang. From the town of Kasi, only famous as a bus stop a little north of Vang Vieng, the road

Last loop in Laos

Posted on:
10 Sep 2008

342km Luang Prabang to Pakbeng We must be gluttons for punishment. After a gruelling journey over mountains to Luang Prabang, we hit the road again for another steady series of rolling hills all the way to the tiny riverside village of Pakbeng. We could have taken the boat straight from the tourist centre of Luang

Finding Heaven

Posted on:
12 Sep 2008

72km Houay Xai to Meng Rai We returned to Thailand today by crossing the Mekong in yet another rickety boat. Dodgy water transport seems to be a theme running through our travels across Cambodia and Laos but this morning’s voyage, with our bikes wedged into a narrow and wobbling vessel, should be the last of

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    Hi- thanks for your helpful website! We are planning to cycle your trail in Laos this year. October would suit our timetable best. Do you think it might be still rainy season? We have an option to go in Nov-Dec but it is a bit close to xmas for us even though it sounds more guaranteed good weather. Any advice?
    Marie Bright (NZ)

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