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Us by an elephant signWe loved cycling through Malaysia, especially for its cultural diversity.

In one day we could eat Chinese food for breakfast, have Indian for lunch and typical Malay food for supper. Of course, as is almost always the case in Southeast Asia, the food was delicious.

Almost all the local people spoke excellent English, and were more than willing to help us out.

Our bike tour of Malaysia took us through a wide range of terrain as well, from cities by the sea to hilltop tea plantations and through jungles. We hoped to see an elephant, but never did. We only saw his ‘calling card’ by the side of the road.

Lazy island days

Posted on:
1 Nov 2008

This post is for all of you in the northern hemisphere, feeling the onset of winter. Here we are on a beautiful, tropical island in a great guesthouse, with friendly staff and guests, a kitchen to cook our meals and the beach just five minutes walk away. The cost? A measly $10 a night with

Two nights in Penang

Posted on:
3 Nov 2008

26km Langkawi Island to Penang Island It was with some reluctance that we left Langkawi Island. Such relaxing spots quickly become addictive and we had the feeling that if we didn’t force ourselves to make a move soon, we just might spend our whole month there. So, it was off to Penang by ferry, just

Here, there and everywhere

Posted on:
7 Nov 2008

140km Georgetown to Kuala Ketil It’s been an action packed few days, zigging and zagging all over a small corner of Malaysia with the country’s most famous bicycle tourist. Hardly anyone comes down Malaysia’s west coast without being caught by David. “I’ve got spies everywhere,” he said with a smile when we turned up at

Where the wild things are

Posted on:
11 Nov 2008

329km Kuala Ketil to Gua Musang “Elephant dung!” Friedel spotted the coconut-sized balls first and we both screeched to a halt by the side of the road for a closer look. It was definitely elephant poo and it was as near as we got to the elusive giant of the jungle. Many signs warn motorists

Rolling with the cabbages

Posted on:
12 Nov 2008

135km Gua Musang to Tanah Rata First, a confession. Today we were rescued by a vegetable truck. Yes, a vegetable truck. So we didn’t actually cycle all that distance. We got halfway and put up the white flag. Now that we’ve bared our souls, here’s what happened… The day actually started quite well, with a

The good, the bad and the ugly

Posted on:
21 Nov 2008

244km Tanah Rata to Malaka We’ve seen it all over the past few days, from the fantastic to the frustrating and even the downright frightening. Beginnings are almost always good and the ride from the gloriously cool Cameron Highlands back down to the muggy Malaysian coastline was a joy. A winding road took us past

At the tip of Asia

Posted on:
30 Nov 2008

It was barely 6am when we pulled up to an Indian restaurant for breakfast in the seaside town of Pontian, 60km from the causeway to Singapore. All four waiters just stared at these strange foreigners who’d rolled up unexpectedly on their doorstep. One man’s gaze was particularly persistent. “Good morning!” we said, trying to break

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