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Bike packing in SingaporeWe didn’t spend long in Singapore.

We paused just long enough to get our bikes  ready for the flight to Australia, and of course to marvel at the incredible number of shopping malls in Singapore and the well cleaned, almost gleaming streets.

Our short stay was made very enjoyable though by Patrizia and Bro, two fellow cyclists who were taking a break from their world jaunt at the time. They’re now back on the road, exploring on their tandem bike.

After a couple days, it was off to the airport and back to developed-world cycling for us.

At the tip of Asia

Posted on:
30 Nov 2008

It was barely 6am when we pulled up to an Indian restaurant for breakfast in the seaside town of Pontian, 60km from the causeway to Singapore. All four waiters just stared at these strange foreigners who’d rolled up unexpectedly on their doorstep. One man’s gaze was particularly persistent. “Good morning!” we said, trying to break

Does my bike look big in this?

Posted on:
2 Dec 2008

Well, that’s it. Another marathon session of bike packing for a flight is finally over. It was a marathon. First it was into the city centre. We hunted down a box from a very friendly shop, then back on the bus. Just one problem. Where is the bus? We did the rounds of 4 bus

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