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A long, straight pathWe spent very little time in Slovakia, just a couple of days on our way between Hungary and Austria.

We’d certainly like to go back though, if nothing else for the great beer and of course a little more exploration of eastern Europe.

What we do remember about Slovakia was a nice bike path along the Danube, quiet roads where there was no path and some truly outstanding watermelon for hot summer days!

86km Komárom to Vojka

Posted on:
18 Jul 2007

Another day, another eight hours of scorching sun. Our recipe for getting through the heat includes an early start, a long lunchtime nap, stops at every cemetery to refill our bottles with cold water and wet our t-shirts and the occasional beer. With this combination we manage to stay on our bikes for quite a

73km Vojka to Petronell-Carnuntum

Posted on:
19 Jul 2007

As the song goes, “mama said there’d be days like this”. Today we hit bottom. Continuous days of intense heat have worn us down, to the point where this evening as we were cycling the last few kilometers to a campsite, both of us felt like we wanted to end the trip. It was past

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