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What a gorgeous riverWhen we entered Slovenia from Italy, we didn’t know anything about this relatively small European nation.

We were surprised to discover stunning landscapes, including emerald-green rivers, and many friendly locals, who almost all spoke perfect English. Add in a fine selection of beer and plenty of nature to discover and we were very happy cyclists during our time in Slovenia.

62km Amaro to Kobarid

Posted on:
28 Jun 2007

“Why are we going up this hill?” That was what Friedel wanted to know as we pushed and sweated our way up a gruelling hill. “Because we like it,” came the answer from Andrew, not entirely convincingly. Ah. Of course we like it…. this is what we gave up our jobs for, right?!? We’d heard

26km Kobarid to Hum

Posted on:
30 Jun 2007

After having a relaxing time at a campsite, surrounded by the emerald-green river Soča and its gorges and waterfalls, we recluctantly packed up and moved on today. The area around the Julian Alps is so beautiful, the rest of Slovenia has a lot to live up to. Our first few kilometers outside of Kobarid took

82km Hum to Ljubljana

Posted on:
1 Jul 2007

We rolled into Slovenia’s capital city on a hot summer’s day. Just what you’d expect from July; clear blue skies and sun, sun, sun. The day actually started out cool but it soon warmed up and we happily took a break from the bikes to hike to a waterfall that just happened to be along

64km Ljubljana to Zagorje

Posted on:
3 Jul 2007

Not a bad distance for half a day’s work. We had a late start getting out of Ljubljana because we wanted to get a few things done before we left. First, a nice man at a sports shop managed to order us a replacement cartridge for our water filter on short notice (we dropped our

44km Zagorje to Celje

Posted on:
4 Jul 2007

The children’s song “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day,” was ringing in our heads today as we sheltered in a bus stop by the side of the road in the middle of Slovenia. Rain is stopping play at Wimbledon and a few thousand kilometers away it’s not doing much for our cycling either.

43km Celje to Studenice

Posted on:
5 Jul 2007

Ahh, clear skies. A cyclist’s friend, especially after it just wouldn’t stop raining since noon yesterday. We left our hotel and ended up finding a very cheap Internet cafe and catching up on the important details of our online life. The cafe was full of very friendly people, who tried to convince us to stay

50km Studenice to Maribor

Posted on:
6 Jul 2007

It’s not every day you get picked up off the street and treated to a coffee in someone’s home but today turned out to be our lucky day. We were just sitting in the university town of Maribor, having lunch on a bench in the city centre, when a man came up to us and

69km Maribor to Veržej

Posted on:
8 Jul 2007

We had a great time with our new friends in Maribor but today it was time to move on. Thanks to everyone, but especially Bora who picked us up off the street and took us home and his girlfriend Metka. Between the two of them we were treated to many interesting chats about Slovenia and

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