Thailand Journal Entries

Dragon closeupAfter the wide open spaces and high mountains of Central Asia, hot and crowded Thailand couldn’t have been more of a change.

It was a good change for us. We adored the cheap and widely available street food. The people were friendly. The scenery was so colourful and different to what we’d experienced before.

Mostly we slept in budget hotels (available nearly everywhere and generally clean and cheap) but we did have some adventurous camping experiences. We were attacked once by aggressive ants, who ate their way through the groundsheet of our tent, and another night we slept in a Buddhist temple.

On the whole, Thailand turned out to be easy and very enjoyable cycling. We’d happily return.

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  1. O'Pern
    26th May 2010 at 11:22 am #

    Hello Traveller

    I’m live in Bangkok Thailand. I love bicycle touring a lot. Welcome to my country

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