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Bike silhouettesSince starting this bicycle touring blog in 2006, we’ve received hundreds of lovely compliments from our readers.

Some of them are about the journals we shared as we cycled around the world between 2006-2009. Others relate to the resources and practical articles we’ve worked to build up, to help other bike tourists.

Thanks everyone! You keep us motivated to share even more helpful bike touring tips, advice, ideas and inspiration. Below are some of the comments we received. We’d be honoured if you want to share one as well. Just use the form at the bottom of this page.

Your website has proved fantastic for planning my trip and getting some really valuable advice on what to take and which countries to go to.
When I 1st stumbled across your site I was instantly aware that I have found something special.In an mass of commercial web sites obsessed with selling me things, you are like kind strangers who stop to lend me your pump when I have a puncture.Your opinions are honest and refreshing, and you love to celebrate the achievements of others. This makes it clear that you run your site because you absolutely love cycle touring and for no other reason.As others have said, you are an inspiration to so many of us. Somehow "Thank you" doesn't quite carry enough weight.
Of all the bike touring website out there, yours is the one that I keep coming back to, almost daily. The regular updates and extremely informative articles and resources make your site second to none. Thanks so much.
Frank, Englandend Quote
The one thing I love about TravellingTwo.com is that it's impossible to only list one thing that I come to this site for. But if I had to choose, it's the robust country information. As someone fretting over border crossings and visa requirements for our upcoming RTW bicycle adventure, I can't tell you how many times Andrew and Friedel's site have provided the information and reassurance I needed. Just the other day I was looking over the section on Syria and learned not only about being able to get visas at the border checkpoints, but also a great route (with cue sheets!) in the northern part of the country Superb!
Doug Walsh, Snoqualmie, WA, USAend Quote
I love listening to the podcast - many deep, insightful interviews with fascinating people and intriguing journeys. Thank you for helping educate the rest of us!
Taylor West, Maple Grove, MNend Quote
Thanks for all your great info!! It's been a valuable asset to us as we are selling off everything so we can travel the world. Hope to leave May 2011 .... depending on home selling.
Cheryl & Randy Ball, Grand Forks, BC Canadaend Quote
I love your recipes! It's always good to expand the bike touring cooking repertoire. Thanks for the great ideas!
Caroline, Quebec, Canadaend Quote
I follow your Blog and Twitter simply because what you share is so practical in helping me create and complete my own tours.
Frank Sanders, Jacksonville, NCend Quote
I like your cycle-philosophy and way of sharing the information. It has been very enjoyable to follow your cycle evolution. Well done!
Xabier Maia, Pamplona (Basque Country)end Quote
Just wanted to say congrats, and thanks for sharing. I have literally hundreds of bookmarks on touring related stuff, and can easily say that your site is the best... the usability, the wonderful journals/pictures and of course the extremely useful information and to be able to find all that in one place is...refreshing. I am planning a trip from California to Tierra del Fuego and your site has been a great help. You guys are AWESOME!!!!
Maccaend Quote
You are living my dream, great adventures. I did my first tour in the summer and can hardly wait for the next one. You are very inspiring.
Keith Gorham, Vancouver BCend Quote
Kudos on a great (and well constructed) website. You've put together a virtual world on the subject. Your podcasts are very enjoyable.
Michael & Bettyend Quote
Your website fuels dreams on those long boring work days
Mattend Quote
I was so lucky to have found your gear check-list. It has really proven to be spot on, hits the nail on the head, and includes exactly everything I have needed- nothing more, nothing less. Brilliant. Thanks a million!
Layton , Norrland, Swedenend Quote
Thanks for providing a great website, lots of inspiration with good practical tips from people who have really used the gear.
Bev Muir, New Zealandend Quote
I love your web & blog,give me a lot of inspiration help me to discover new destination for the future
I have been on 4 overseas bike tours in 4 years and your website keeps me motivated, excited and interested in everthing about cycle touring while I wait for my next tour.
Dominic Faraone, Perth, Western Australiaend Quote
What i liked is that when I began following the twitter feed, I got a personal message! You guys are great!
Jonah Chitty, Dothan, ALend Quote
Your web is a great inspiration to cycle to new destinations . You feel you have thousands of friends out there in the bicycle touring community even you do not know any of them,
Einar Hunnes , Trollhattan Sweden end Quote
This site has the stuff of dreams,and I need dreams to get me through another Minnesota winter.Snow biking isnt as much fun as it looks,and the nights get real long.
Dave Da Dude Brumm, Grand Rapids Mn. end Quote
Love your website, it's been a help, and inspiration.
Steveend Quote
I really liked your ebook on bike touring basics. It definitely makes me wanna try and do a tour this coming summer.
Kevin, Chicagoend Quote
Hi Travelling two!Thank you so much for everything, videos, interviews, tips to name a few.I am myself an adventurer and I find that your tips are very relevant and will certainly help me when I plan my touring trip now for in Central Asia.
Sun-Soon, Singaporeend Quote
Keep up the great work, your site's turning into a real treasure trove for seasoned and prospective cycle-tourists.
Just wanted to say what a cool website you have. I'm sorry I've only just discovered it. And great journey too!
When work gets to be a bit too much, I connect to TravellingTwo. It takes me away to the exotic places I often dream about and some which both my wife and I plan to visit, via bike, as we approach retirement in a few years. Thanks to TravellingTwo, we've been inspired to begin acquiring the equipment we need (even new bikes) to begin these journey's ... to start our own TravellingTwo in the near future with some short tours here in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West.
Dave Beachley, Denver, COend Quote
Travellingtwo makes you feel part of the cycle touring world whether you’re on the road or at home wishing you were.
Gavin, Manchester, England.end Quote
I owe, i owe, it's off to work i go....thanks to your efforts i can travel almost everyday!
gordon grieveend Quote
I like this site for the resources to equipment, experiences and routes by people like me who are looking to share experiences so that others can ride and enjoy it.
Kevin Robinson, Eureka, CAend Quote
I did not know what Touring was all about until I stumbled upon your site. You have inspired me to plan my own mini adventures.
Avery Alderete, Alabama, USAend Quote
Your Bike Touring Basics book is a great service to the cycling community.
I enjoy the friendly writing style on the site and Friedel's accent on the videos.
David Cushwa, Anchorage, Alaska, USAend Quote
I was a lost soul, desperate to connect with other like-minded people that are passionate about bicycle touring, and I found them all through here! With all the trips, please, I can cycle around the globe with no big deal!
Ami Amir, Brisbane, Australia.end Quote
The best thing about traveeling two is the personal response from Friedel to e-mails,there are no auto responses always a personal message which makes you feel like a part of this great site
Simon, south west UK end Quote
Thankyou TravellingTwo for providing such a bountiful wealth of resources of bicycle touring and general cycling skills, as well as providing many, many useful links to other information in the same vein. This website spreads the word of touring to the masses of the internet, but also provides much information needed to those who are already knowledgeable of touring and wish to better their skills or kit. Also, the many product reviews upon this site make for choosing the right equipment for a tour much easier. Thanks again!
Che, Australiaend Quote
Travellingtwo's wide range of information and hub of links is the perfect start for anyone planning their first bicycle tour (like me).
Juana, U.S.A.end Quote
It's been so excellent to follow your progress through this site. Thanks for sharing so consistently and honestly.
I may not always be physically on my bicycle but inside I always am; I feel like the TravellingTwo community get this. Thanks for the inspiration and escapism.
Carol Walthew, United Kingdomend Quote
Full of information and inspiration!
jacky sykes, san antonio, txend Quote
I follow you mainly on FB and you give me always good hints on bike touring. I also very much appreciate the free useful booklets you share on your site. You're a main point of reference for me. Keep up with your great activity and enthusiasm.
Elisabetta Sazzini, Italiaend Quote
Keep up the great work. You guys really have some good information and you pass it along beautifully.
"Bike Touring Inspiration" - pure & simple. I have a young family (kids aged 5,3 and 1) - and would LOOOVE to get out more on my bike, to local trails and/or international bike touring. At the moment, I get inspiration and 'jealousy' from the Travelling Two - and hopefully get out there "one day". Thanks !!
Chris OConnor, Melbourne, Australiaend Quote
Loved your article on the $100 touring bike.
Garyend Quote
Your information is very inspiring...thank you!!!
Tonya Nikitin, Portland, OR end Quote
I'd have to say, there are several things I like about Travelling Two, but I think my favorite thing is the handy tips. Just those little things that I may not think of that are very helpful when I'm out touring. Oh yes, I also really like the mechanic questions. Oops, that's two things. Sorry, I can't decide which I like better. Thanks, Colleen WelchNever a bad day to ride!
Colleen Welch, Olympia, WAend Quote
You guys have put the 'fun' into cycling and touring and I am now even more inspired to embark on my own trip with all the tips you guys have kindly shared. Thank you so much and ride safe! :)
WeiJian Lin, Singaporeend Quote
The great variation of the information aids alot in all differing areas of the touring or just cycling lifestyle.
Jonathan, UKend Quote
Amazing journey you two, and an inspiration to all us armchair tourers!
The blog gives me confidence that I need to plan my first bike tour.
DPeach, Argentinaend Quote
Good information, clear and concisely written, easy to read on my IPod Touch.
Chuck Neubauer, Nokomis, FL, USAend Quote
Stumbled across this website a couple of months ago and have been back lots of times now to read the interesting and matter-of-fact articles laid out in a very professional manner. I love the wide subjects from choosing a touring bike and tents - we're looking at ones for our first big trip next year in South America - to making food on the road other than the boring pasta and rice! Very useful!
Patrick, London, Ukend Quote
Like the blog...Love the podcasts! They keep me company on work-related roadtrips.
Rick, NY, USAend Quote
Your blog and all the information you are sharing is mind blowing - seriously - good stuff! Thanks a million for all this!
I have learned a lot about bike touring from both of you. Thanks so much.
Mike Kearsleyend Quote
It would be hard to find someone more dedicated to the touring community than Friedel Grant. She and her partner Andrew have created one of, if not the most, informative touring websites on the internet.
I love the whole site, but for me the best part is the country by country resources section. It tells me exactly what to expect from a cyclist's point of view from the road conditions, local customs, food and of course the not-to-be-missed destinations
David Piper, Cornwall UKend Quote
Your site has helped me to make my first bicycle tour a reality. I referenced your information many times through the planning process.
Jerod Arlich, USend Quote
Your site turned me on to the bike I ended up purchasing, a surly long haul trucker. This is also my first bike, so big time trust!Love all the information and the ask a mechanic feature.
I have loved your journal and it has been part of the inspiration that now finds me in Bulgaria, after cycling all the way from Calais. Please leave the site up, it is a fantastic reference site for any would-be travellers.
Your website is inspiring and helpful, but my favourite part is that you are very accessible. You take care to reply to comments and emails, and that's priceless.
Álvaro V. Merelo, Amsterdam, EUend Quote
In September 2009 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 2 years prior to this I had been a keen mountaineer and considered myself to be in could physical health. Over the next 18 months my health deteriorated to a point I could no long walk 200 metres without my symptoms coming on. As the disease modifying therapy kicked in I began to regain health since January 2010. Though there has been permanent damage making my climbing days over I have been inspired by TravellingTwo.com and your Bike Touring Basics eBook. So much so I bought myself a bike, some panniers and I am on my first tour this summer in the Netherlands. I can't wait! cycle touring is a new lease of life for me that strangely does not irritate my MS.
Anthonyend Quote

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