Topeak Mini 20 Pro Multitool Review

A few months ago, we went shopping for a new multitool.

After 4 years of constant use (daily commuting plus a 50,000km world bike trip), our old Topeak model was wearing out. We’ve used it to fix and adjust more things on our 2 bikes than we care to remember, and we’ve probably put it through the equivalent of at least 10 years of “normal” use.

Unsurprisingly a couple of the allen keys that we used most were completely stripped. These were the same allen keys needed to tighten and loosen the tool. Time for a new model.

After looking around at the various options, we settled on another Topeak multi-tool, the Mini Pro 20 (£22.99).

Here’s what we like about it:

  • Lightweight: It’s just 150g!
  • 20 tools: Some of the things included are a chain breaker, spoke wrenches, allen keys between 2-10mm, screw drivers, a T25 torx wrench (for disc brake bolts) and – for real emergencies – a bottle opener!
  • Durable: Despite being lightweight, this tool feels really solid. There are no plastic parts. The tools are made of hardened steel.

So far, we’ve used this multitool mostly for minor adjustments to the bike, like tightening a few screws and bolts. Andrew has also used it to install new cantilever brakes on his bicycle. We’ve found it easy to work with and, because it’s small, you can maneuver it without problem in small spaces.

We haven’t used the chain tool yet, but it looks like it will do the job.

To use the chain tool, you unscrew it from the rest of the multitool. This is a design feature we like quite a lot. It makes the chain tool easy to move around, for precise placement when you need to tighten a pin or break a link. There’s also a handy metal hook that helps hold the chain in place while you’re working on it.

A couple things are slightly odd about the Mini 20.

For one, the chain tool sits in the middle of the multitool, which means you can’t wrap your fingers through the middle of the multitool to unfold a particular tool. We wish there were a couple more tire levers as well. Usually you want 2-3 tire levers to fix a flat. With just one on the Mini 20, we still have to carry a set for flats.

Overall however, we’re pleased with our choice. When we consider the range of tools included, the 2-year warranty and carrying case, we think the Mini 20 multitool is pretty good value for money.

The real test will, of course, come during our next big bike tour. We’ll let you know how it goes.

This review is based on a free sample, provided by Topeak. We always give our honest opinion. If we don’t like something, we’ll tell you, and if our opinion changes after extensive use, we’ll tell you that too.