65km Koblenz – Trechtingshausen

We had a lazy start to the day, after a night high up in the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein. Our bikes needed a little love after so many kilometers so we took an hour or so and changed the brake pads, oiled the chains, cleaned up some of the gear cogs and pumped up the tires. We could afford a slightly later start as our route down the Rhine was a mostly flat one, meaning we made pretty good time while we were on the road. It was quite a scenic route as well, this area would be wonderful for someone just starting out bike touring. So many picturesque little towns, lots of vineyards to admire and paths all along the river for easy cycling. This time of year, however, it is getting a bit chilly so we ate lunch in the town of Boppard with our gloves on! We`re usually quite warm while cycling, but once we stop we cool down quickly. We passed quite a few camping spots along the Rhine, but they were mostly seasonal ones, and it was still quite early, so we carried on to Trechtingshausen, just outside Bingen am Rhein, where we found a site right on the river. It was a bit noisy, but Andrew especially enjoyed watching all the different boats and trains go by. We also had very friendly neighbours, who lent us some chairs while we made our supper and chatted with us for a while. They had been in the area for nearly a week, buying wine for their winter supply. The cold weather of a few days ago seemed to have passed, and we slept more than comfortably in our tent. No cold noses this time!

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