Show 41: Interviewing Amaya – On The Road Since 2006

October 10th, 2011 8 comments

Amaya on the roadIn this latest edition of the TravellingTwo podcast, we interview Amaya Williams. She’s been cycling the world with her husband Eric since 2006.

We also talk a little bit about our next big adventure – and it’s not directly related to bike touring, but don’t worry… we’re still planning plenty more touring fun in the future.

In addition to the podcast, you’ll find a video at the bottom of this post. It combines photos of Eric & Amaya’s journey, with the interview. Let us know if you like this, and we’ll try to do this with more future podcasts.


Show Notes:

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What Next?
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8 Responses to “Show 41: Interviewing Amaya – On The Road Since 2006”

  1. Shane says:

    Like the slide show, great to backup the story with some impressions of the journey..

  2. Thanks for making the podcast, I really enjoyed listening to it and it was interesting to hear Amaya’s perspective on bicycle touring.

    I just listened to the podcast but didn’t watch the video since all of the wifi connections we’ve had so far in Asia are too slow to watch Vimeo videos.

  3. Phil Somerville says:

    Love the combination of podcast and pictures…
    Been a BIG fan of your podcasts but the pictures definitely bring an added perspective :0)

  4. Couldn’t understand the name of people from a blog at 14’37″…

  5. Neil Pike says:

    Really enjoyed the interview – it’s always interesting to hear how other people get into cycle-touring and their experiences on the road.
    And congratulations on your big news – very exciting!
    Thanks for putting up the link to our blog too – much appreciated.

  6. Simon says:

    Great interview Friedel and congratulations to you and Andrew on your exciting news :-)

  7. Rael Belterman says:

    Very good interview. I love the combination of video/photos with the interview. This is an amazing website too. Well done!

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