Video: Our First Big Family Bike Tour

July 31st, 2012 15 comments

We just returned from our first extended bike tour as a family. 

With 5-month-old Luke in tow, we cycled 550km through the Netherlands, Belgium and France. We’ll be blogging more in the coming weeks about the lessons learnt from this tour but first, a video that we managed to shoot and assemble (in our tent at night) along the way.

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14 Responses to “Video: Our First Big Family Bike Tour”

  1. James C says:

    Thanks for the info and the video! I’m looking forward to hearing more about the trip.

    How did you feel about using the Ergon pedals for steep climbs? Do you still prefer them over clips/clipless?

    • friedel says:

      Still love the Ergon pedals. Another cyclist did tell me that they can get slippy if you get mud on them but I’ve not had a chance to test that theory out. I wouldn’t use SPDs or other clips/clipless systems in any case because I don’t like them. I’m too uncoordinated and easily distracted to remember to clip out at red lights!

  2. That was wonderful. I have 5 little grandsons and every one of them has logged many mile in a bike trailer.

  3. JFC says:

    Fantastic. We’ve just invested in a trailer for our 5 month old. No touring planned yet – I’ll have to show the video to Mrs C. Will have to keep an eye open for any follow on updates…

  4. Dave says:

    Hi loved the video. I am setting off on a trip from HCMC, Vietnam to Hanoi in October and want to put together a video (s) of the experience. This gave me some good ideas. What type of camera did you use? Dave

  5. What a nice video. Baby in the sink was great!

  6. Douwe and Blanche says:

    Great to hear about your holiday in Kiev!Lovely video and wow Luke has grown again. Will be home in a few days and then we wanna hear everything about your trip! See ya soon!

  7. I’ve just got round to watching this, having been meaning to for weeks, and it was GORGEOUS!!! I don’t know if it made me want to tour more or have another baby. Luke is adorable, and I’m in awe of how you two did this!! We have a new bikeseat for our little man and he’s loving it…I’m hoping to squeeze a trial weekend tour in before too long!

  8. And I’m so glad to find another ‘proper cyclist’ who doesn’t like clipping in. I was so glad to get pregnant as a decent excuse to never have to clip in again!!

  9. SEA monster says:

    That little dude looks pretty happy in the chariot :-)

  10. phil says:

    great vid loved it :O)

  11. adriana says:

    this video!! really inspiring :)

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