Four Years of Bike Touring Around The World

July 27th, 2013 6 comments

chrisroachA good friend of ours, Chris Roach, recently completed four years of bicycle touring around the world.

He put together a video (below) to share his adventures, experiences and motivations for doing such a long cycling trip. You can also read his last blog post from the trip.

What we especially enjoyed was the way that Chris shares the emotional as well as the physical side of the journey. Of his global bike tour, he wrote:

The physical side of the expedition had always only ever been only a shadow of the inner journey taking place over the last 4 years. The physical side has taken me to 3 continents and allowed me to marvel sitting at the base at some of the worlds tallest mountains. It dragged me through some of the worlds wettest and most mosquito-ridden places and sent me venturing across some of the largest deserts on earth, but the inner journey has always been what drove me. It inspired me to seek out who I thought I was, unconsciously pulled me along when I wanted to give up and gave me strength in ways that I have never known and yet, still never understood. It feels like the inner journey is now where the path leads.


With that quote to get you thinking, here’s the video of Chris and his bike touring adventures.


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6 Responses to “Four Years of Bike Touring Around The World”

  1. Raymond Dimock says:

    Absolutely Grand! Made my day watching Chris explore and living a full life simply the best one may hope for…:^{D

  2. Tomas Broekhuizen says:

    I think this is the real meaning of life……. Envy……..envy…:-[ :-)

  3. What a lovely video! Thanks for sharing.

  4. prashanth says:

    very glad to watch that video and great chris this what life means i want to know chris experience because i want to be next person to complete like that ride from india

  5. peter sercombe says:

    nice one! can appreciate the goodwill aspects in particular and agree that this tends to come most from those who have least.

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