Show 25: All about New Zealand

Our bikes overlooking the Queen Charlotte SoundsThere’s no doubt about it, New Zealand is one of the world’s great beauties when it comes to heavenly cycling. In this show, we focus on our favourite parts of the South Island, including what to pack in your bags, and we talk to David who runs the enormously helpful Cycle Tour website. He’s a goldmine of information on everything you need to know if you’re coming on a bike tour to New Zealand. Learn what to do when you land in Auckland and where you can wander naked on the beach, if the mood strikes you.


  1. Pat Ruys
    2nd May 2009 at 7:51 pm #

    G’day Friedel & Andrew,
    It seems just like yesterday when I was saying our good byes to each other back in Melbourne, how the last 3 months have flown.

    Your amazing stories of where and what you’ve been up to have always kept my admiration of your efforts so high that I take my hat off to the both of you. To have the courage and the excitement of different experiences you’ve enured have not only touched you, but all of us who read your Journal Entries.

    If I can get time off in the later of the year I would love to do another leg with you of your amazing trip. With air fares being so cheap I’m thinking that I might, just have to get a passport.

    Last of all I must thankyou for those amazing photos you sent me, looking forward to your next entry.

    Your mate from the Land Oz
    Pat Ruys

  2. important source
    17th November 2022 at 12:07 pm #

    Thanks so much for the blog. Much obliged.

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