70km Denia – Villajoyosa

We’d rather forgotten how to climb hills, having followed mostly fairly flat routes lately, so today’s mountainous path came as a bit of a shock to the system and it’s fair to say we were exhausted by the end. The route was pretty though, taking in two regional parks and some beautiful rugged coastline, and it was a welcome break from the over developed towns like Benidorm. Sometimes it seems the Spanish are turning their whole seafront into a wall of concrete. The one upside to all this urbanisation for expats is that there now seem to be plenty of places serving English breakfasts, something we’ve been shamefully craving for a few days now, so perhaps we will take advantage of a local cafe tomorrow. The supermarkets also carry quite a few UK products, including porridge oats which we had hardly found at all in Spanish stores further north. Sounds boring, but they are the fuel that keeps us going most days so we are happy to have stocked up once again.