65km Mojacar – Los Escullos

Looks like we have some more climbing to doThis day turned out to be one of the most beautiful of our trip so far, a scenic route that took us first along the sea, then up some challenging hills and into the Cabo de Gata park where we were surrounded by mountains and views across the sea. A day which reminded us that, for all of Spain’s ugly coastal resorts, the country also has some gorgeous treasures where it chooses to preserve them. It was hard working tackling some of the climbs, at least one of which was signed at a 10 percent grade, but the views made it worth our while – a route we would heartily recommend to fellow cycle tourists. Earlier in the day we thought we might have some backtracking to do as we struggled to find a road marked on our map, but somehow we eventually stumbled across the right path and enjoyed a desert-like scenery of barren hills and the odd olive tree, before we entered the greener park area. More and more the dry landscape of Spain, along with the southern architecture, reminds us of what we saw in Morocco.


  1. andrew
    14th January 2007 at 12:24 pm #

    ALP118 Mojacar to Carboneras – Starts out fairly flat with access to a few beaches along the way but soon turns into a twisty climb up a rather long hill, but with great views at the top and a rewarding downhill into Carboneras. No real shoulder going up the hill and trucks can be in a hurry to pass but overall fairly light traffic. One 3rd class campground on the right as the climb up the hill starts.

    N341 Carboneras to junction ALP712 – Good shoulder but relatively busy as this road leads to the motorway. There is a BP service station just outside Carboneras with a small shop.

    Road to Fernan Perez – An unmarked road on our map and one we struggled to find, but then stumbled across while travelling on a dirt trail. Maybe a bit difficult to find but once you are on it there’s not much traffic.

    ALP208 Fernan Perez to Las Negres – Regular traffic but most cars give you lots of space. A steady but manageable climb for most of the way and then a good downhill into Las Negres where there is a campground.

    ALP826 Las Negres to Los Escullos – A beautiful road and definitely worth the climbing! There are a few hills to tackle, including a grade of 10 percent, but persevere and enjoy the scenery. Some services in the small town of Rodalquilar, including a couple restaurants and a campground. There is another campground (1st class) in Los Escullos.

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