72km Rounde-Point – Foum Zguid

Friends we met at a campsiteBreakfast this morning was thanks to the campsite owners, since our supplies were running low. To our surprise, it was well worth it: scambled eggs in a tagine with some flat bread to accompany the usual jam and butter, freshly squeezed orange juice, and the required coffee. Eventually we got underway, after chatting with the other campers and taking a few pics. We started our journey down the road.

Knowing that we needed supplies we stopped at the next town to seek out a store of some type. Getting to the town and not seeing an obvious shop we asked a few locals. One got up from his place on the ground – Moroccan men in small villages seem to gather in groups by the road, just sitting and watching – who led us from shop to shop trying to either wake up or find the keeper to serve us. After the third or fourth shop, pounding on various doors and asking people, he was able to get the shopkeeper to open early. A bit odd for 10:30 in the morning. Winding our way back out of the small town we were on our way again.

The scenery on this stretch was wonderful, large canyons as we weaved our way back and forward from one side of the river to the other. River would be a loose term here, since it probably only flows when there is a heavy rain shower. We’ve been noticing that most of the caravan traffic is going in the other direction, obviously coming down the coast from Tanger to Agadir and across this stretch of road before crossing to the desert towns of Zagora and Merzouga. Foum Zguid was a welcome sign, as the wind returned to become an annoyance in the afternoon. We struggle to remember the last time we had a really good tailwind!


  1. andrew
    24th February 2007 at 4:37 pm #

    R111 to El Mhamid – Very nice little ride, mostly down the valley, with large cliffs on either side at points. The road is typical for more rural Moroccan roads, just a bit wider than single track, so you need to know where other traffic is. But it was fairly quiet. Sometimes the pavement is a bit cracked and in bad condition but this doesn’t last for any one long period.

    N12 El Mhamid – Foum Zguid You can get a few things in both these towns, the road is the same as above. We stayed at a camping just on the edge of Foum Zguid, on your right as you are exiting towards Tata. Bargain here as the owners first asked 40dh per person but were very happy to accept 25dh including showers.

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